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Laluan masuk ke tanah yang di atasnya bangunan itu akan didirikan. g. Penguatkuasaan Akta Pemuliharaan Tanah Menurut seksyen 3, Akta. AKTA PEMULIHARAAN HIDUPAN LIAR Tarikh Perkenan Diraja Pemunya atau penduduk tanah boleh menggunakan getah burung untuk .. yang dikeluarkan di bawah Akta Senjata dan lesen senjata itu. Land Conservation Act (Act ): 9as at 5th February ) / Compiled by Legal Research Board Uniform titles: Akta Pemuliharaan Tanah,

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It flows from Ulu Ringlet about 3 km down gradients of 20 to 30 ataright into the heart of Ringlet town, passing farms, settlements, temples, schools and markets.

Akta Pemuliharaan Tanah 1960 (Disemak – 1989)

Ringlet is born in the mossy forests of the Titiwangsa Range. 160 epitomises the majority of the rivers in Cameron Highlands. Throughout the years it is literally being choked to death… pemuiharaan the sides, from the bottom and from the top. All manner of rubbish is being thrown into it, farm waste, household waste and the ubiquitous chicken dung.

But the most common stuff being rammed down its throat is this orangy substance called mud. The evening of the 5 th of November is like any other weekday in Cameron Highlands. The only difference was that it had been raining for the past few days and around 5 pm the rains picked up in intensity.

For many of us preparing for our dinners and getting ready for an evening of rest, we felt a sense of foreboding. This pattern of a few days of almost continuous rain followed by an intense downpour means the saturated earth would be unable to accommodate more water…. By 8pm our hand phones began to ring.

  B154EW02 V7 PDF

Watching videos of Sungai Ringlet on the social media later in its moment of madness, the sheer force of the mud was truly frightening.

The Land Conservation Act | CHEAM MAY CHOO

So where does all this mud comes from? When asked by reporters whether the mud flow was due to land clearing he replied that it was not. Pictures taken 2 days after the mud flow tragedy in Ringlet which took 5 lives. Failure of the Local and State Government in curbing illegal land clearing. Illegal land clearing is extensive here.

In the first group, the pemuliharaah are fake or has been altered. This explains why even though no new TOLs were issued since see pic below primary forests continued to be cleared using land clearing permits for txnah TOLs. I wonder why the Settlement Officers and Land Administrator are not able to spot them. The 2 nd group takes the cake.

Library DOE catalog › Details for: Land Conservation Act (Act ) :

They do not bother with any documentation at all. They just attack aka slopes and forests knowing that the protection money they spent will be well worth it. They are so blatant that they just clear or burn the forests by the main roads in full view of those passing by. Land matters is under the State jurisdiction.

The State Government of Pahang has been incompetent in managing Cameron Highlands for allowing these matters to fester for so long. The pemuliharzan who is supposed to enforce this is again the Land office.

During rainsthe runoff goes straight to the waterways and not onto the ground where at least some of the rainwater can be absorbed. As a result the already shallow rivers is unable to tanaj with the sudden deluge and will overflow its banks. Under the National Land Code section 13 ii a there should be a 50 m buffer zone pemuilharaan the rivers. Without this buffer zones effluent from the farms goes directly into the rivers.


The pictures below taken in Ulu Ringlet and Ulu Merah shows farms right at 160 waters edge. This is the norm for most of the rivers here including those in the catchment areas. Rivers in Cameron Highlands are less than 50 metres and their reserves are gazetted as follows: As can be seen for the rubbish washed up from the floods, discarded plastics roofing sheets are the commonest.

Others include farm and household debri. Repatriating illegal workers is a crucial move. Cleaning up corruption especially in the Land Office and Town Council is another crucial step but that is a very ,very challenging task indeed.

The 3 rd crucial step would be to encourage farmers to practice rainwater harvesting where some of the runoff from the plastic roofing are diverted into holding tanks. Picture of Ringlet town Sg. In the evening of the 5 th of November it lashed out in fury. Below are pictures showing the opposite. Tanab flowing into Sg Merah in Pe,uliharaan Merah from land cleared for development and farming.

Lack of a riparian zone or buffer zone between the rivers and the farms. The rivers being treated as dumpsites As can be seen for the rubbish washed up from the floods, discarded plastics roofing sheets are the commonest.

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