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Alejandro Magno / Alexander the Great: Conquistador del mundo / The World Conqueror by Robin Lane Fox at – ISBN – ISBN . Buy Alejandro Magno / Alexander the Great: Conquistador del mundo / The World Conqueror Translation by Robin Lane Fox, Maite Solana Mir (ISBN. Enjoying this preview? Become a member to read the full title. Join today and read free for 30 days. Need help? Start Your Free Trial. Lane Fox Robin.

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About Robin Lane Fox. One can only imagine what he might have achieved had he lived. Not your average biography. His success put on display a combination of tactical and strategic genius, bold risk taking and the ability to command the loyalty of his troops. It’s the more important because the impression I get from the book is absolutely that Alexander was bisexual, not homosexual putting aside the fact that the ancient world didn’t have those categories — perhaps more oriented towards sexual attachments to women and romantic attachments to men.

The best account of Alexander. Who murdered Alexander’s mother? As a queen bee, he was only as good as his hive.

Oct 28, Sarah rated it really liked it. Alexander is surely the only world-conquering hero who remains an attractive personality even under the close and fair minded scrutiny of a genius like Lane-Fox.

Perhaps it is because one senses Alexander’s love for those who served with him and sometimes even those he c Alexander is surely the conqukstador world-conquering hero who remains an attractive personality even under the close and fair minded scrutiny of a genius like Lane-Fox. This is not an absolute truth though as during this intervening period we see the rise and decline of the Hellenistic society.



How did Alexander die? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I don’t think so. One gets little sense of the character of Alexander or Hephaistion or other of Alexander’s Companions, but with so little documentary evidence and at such a great remove in history it would be dishonest of any historian to pretend to such knowledge.

As Alexander advanced deeper and deeper into Persian territory, however, he found himself ruling over non-Greeks and came to see himself as conquistafor king, too, a successor to the Persian kings.

Jun 09, David K. But I am glad that I chose to read a biography of Alexander, Alexander was a great leader, fearless, powerful, optimistic, respecting women and I also found him conquistadof at times and highly dedicated towards his work. Despite the fact that some parts of the story seem fictional, this story is undoubtedly a true story. The author’s “vast erudition I pushed myself through pages of run-on sentences and jumps in logic.

However my sister is an accountant so she is not to know detailed specifics of my interests in the Ancient Greek world and that my alejandrk generally begins to wane after the death of Socrates. Helpfully, the author details Alexander’s fighting style, weapons, and army companies near the start.

A moving tale and incredibly factual, it is th This is a classic biography by the incredible Robin Lane Fox I am trying to get through his latest Augustine now! Feb 19, Robi.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. At high cost and with great difficulty, the Greeks had held off a Persian invasion. Books by Robin Lane Fox.


Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox

May 21, Andrew rated it liked it. His example of understanding the cultures he conquered and turning their existing rulers and traditions into instruments of rule must have also influenced wise leaders from the Apostles to the victors of the Second World War.

Lists with This Book. I like how everything was carefully explained: As a result, he started to act more like an eastern king and to look after eastern interests, as well, and much of his later reign was a balancing act between numerous competing interests. No great sea battle was necessary, and the final battle against Persian king Darius would be fought at Gaugamela, in Mesopotamia. It’s a wonderfully balanced book, which loves Alexander in a clear-eyed, pragmatic way, and argues against his being a tyrant without needing to romanticise him into someone who intended some sort of brotherhood of man.

Was it appropriate to mention them?

Alexander the Great

Alexander the warrior, Alexander the politician, Alexander the God, just about every aspect of his life is covered. I once asked somebody why he was earned the moniker ‘The Great’ when the most famous thing that he did was slaughter all of the children under the age of 2 in the region of Bethlehem. Dec 08, Niki rated it liked it. Paperbackpages. A third one I read was about the first Punic War.


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