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ASCE 74-2009 PDF

Following the last ASCE Electrical Transmission and Substation Conference ( Columbus, OH in ), the current roster of the Task Committee. Guidelines for Electrical Transmission Line Structural Loading, Third Edition ( MOP 74). Home · ASCE ASCE Click the start the download. DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. asce. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related.

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Each program has a Main Window, where the access to different data windows is made through the relevant Label-boxes.

[PDF] ASCE – Free Download PDF

Green color means OK, i. The color is red for tables containing incorrect parameters. These should be corrected before the analysis or other final actions. The capacity indicators show, if the strength capacity of any element or joint is exceeded after the last analysis red color. View 74-200 the current model is shown in the main window. Most of the analysis programs have following common features: Windows-based mouse-controlled data input and user interface.

User friendly data generation for structural elements and loads. Instant model re-creation and validity check of the given data on the fly. Excellent visual interface for the verification 74-20099 the geometry, deformations and stresses through the color assisted screen graphics.


Automatic use of the requirements and parameters of the selected load and design standard. Following standards are available: Automatic optimum design of members and bolted connections in the lattice structures according to the selected design standard.

Numerous parameters available for the controlling of the analysis and design within the limits of the selected standard. Flexible output and report generation. Static and dynamic FEM-analyses with many options and control parameters.

ASTM A 74—09 Specification for Cast Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings (PDF Download)

Connections and interactions through transfer files between different programs. Automatic wind load, ice load and self weight calculation of structural components.

Option in OHTL tower analysis programs for automatic calculation of conductor tensions and tower loads from conductors. Wind data includes parameters for basic reference wind speed, gust factor, terrain coefficients and temperature. Several wind speed versus height curve functions available.

Wind pressure is calculated at the height of the component concerned, hill effect included when relevant.

Automatic calculation of the effective wind area based on the solidity of panels in lattice structures ice cover taken into account, if any. Option for determining the wind load of lattice structures by calculating the wind load of each element separately as allowed i.


This will be done by default for lattice cross-arms, bridges and Y-towers. The shapes of the members are taken into account in the drag factor calculation. The effect of the altitude of the site and the temperature at the load case on the air density and wind pressure will be taken into account, if relevant. The load cases are specified by wind direction, temperature, load and reduction factors for wind, ice and self weight.

General Features

The seismic effects can be analyzed by defining horizontal weight factors. Several different profile types can be used in lattice structures such as: Automatic evaluation of the cross section properties of each profile type.

Flexural-torsional buckling effect at cold formed open profiles is taken into account. Send mail to pekka.


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