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in mm in mm kg/m in mm kg/m in mm kg/m in mm kg/m. 1/8. -. -. -. 1/4. -. -. -. This Standard covers the standardization of dimensions of welded and seamless wrought stainless steel pipe for high or low temperatures and. Revision: Edition, September 19, ; Published Date: September 19, ; Status: Active, Most Current; Document Language: English; Published By: .

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Its purpose is to assure installation interchangeability for Valves of a given material, type size, rating class, and end connection.

These fittings are designated as Class, and for threaded end fittings and Class, and for socket weld end fittings.

Ring-Joint, Spiral-wound, and Jacketed This Standard covers materials, dimensions, dimensional tolerances, and markings for metal ring-joint gaskets, spiral-wound gaskets, and metal-jacketed gaskets. These gaskets are dimensionally suitable for use with flanges described in reference flange standards ASME B This Standard covers spiral-wound metal gaskets and metal-jacketed gaskets for use with raised-face and flat-face flanges.

These gaskets are dimensionally suitable for use with flanges described in the referenced flange b3.619m.

Pipes, Tubes & Tubing

It includes requirements for welding bevels, for external and internal shaping of heavy-wall components, and for preparation of internal ends including dimensions and dimensional tolerances.


Coverage includes preparation for joints with the following: Wafer or flangeless Valves, bolted or through-bolt types, that are installed between flanges or against a flange are treated as flanged-end Valves. Coverage is limited to the following: Flanges may be cast, forged, or plate for blind flanges only materials, as listed in Table 1A.

Requirements and recommendations regarding bolting and gaskets are also included. They have also added Blinds to these two specs.

ASME BM ยป The Piping Engineering World

You may note that these specs include only Weld Necks and Blinds. If you need help deciding which flange best suits your application feel free to contact me.

The dimensions are suitable for blanks made of materials listed in Table 1. This standard covers induction bends for transportation and distribution piping applications e.

Process and power piping have differing requirements and materials that may not be appropriate for the restrictions and 3b6.19m described herein, and therefore are not included in this Standard.

Customary units are provided.

ASTM A312 / A358 / A778, ASME B36.19M Stainless Steel Pipes

This Standard is limited to flanges and flanged fittings made from cast or forged materials, and blind flanges and certain reducing flanges made from cast, forged, or plate materials.

Also included in this Standard are requirements and recommendations regarding flange bolting, flange gaskets, and flange joints.


It covers fittings of any producible wall thickness. This standard does not cover low pressure corrosion resistant buttwelding fittings. For ease of use, product threads and gauging are contained in the Standard.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Standards defined on this website –

There are no changes to the thread or gage designs. The word pipe is used as distinguished from tube to apply to tubular products of dimensions commonly used for pipeline and piping systems. In contrast, the outside diameters of tubes are numerically identical to the size number for all sizes. Pipe dimensions of sizes 12 and smaller have outside diameters numerically larger than the corresponding size. The b3.19m ” S n36.19m in the Schedule Number is used to differentiate B PCC-1 B36.19k for Pressure Boundary Bolted Flange Joint Assembly The bolted flange joint assembly BFJA guidelines described in this document apply to pressure-boundary flanged joints with ring-type gaskets that are entirely within the circle enclosed by the bolt holes and with no contact outside this circle.


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