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ASTM F1554 GR 55 PDF

F Grade 55 Threaded Rod is manufactured from high strength, low alloy, 55 ksi yield strength steel. The F Specification is designed to cover Threaded. ASTM F is the standard specification for straight and bent, headed and Grade 55 – anchor bolts manufactured from modified mild steel with higher. The specification for ASTM F covers straight and bent, headed and headless, F Grade 55, High strength, low alloy, 55 ksi yield steel anchor bolts.

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Grade 55 is more elastic and available at a lower cost, rendering aztm more applicable for general construction needs, while B7 is heat treated and contains alloys that make it more suitable for corrosive environments.

ASTM F1554 Grade 55 vs ASTM A193 B7

Though relevant for many construction applications and certainly more cost-effective than B7, Grade 55 is still a specialty steel that few manufacturers or distributors supply. This increased elasticity means that Grade 55 is most frequently used in the construction industry, as buildings and other infrastructure naturally experience displacement over time.


On the other hand, B7 is heat treated, increasing strength but rendering the material more brittle. B7 is an alloy which includes chromium and molybdenum for added strength and corrosion resistance, rendering it suitable for applications that are highly susceptible to corrosion at high temperatures. For example, common uses are in chemical and petroleum facilities.

The addition of these alloying elements is costly, and typically means that B7 would be an over-engineered option if used in a general construction application. If the application allows for a straight bolt, then B7 can be considered as a aastm for F Grade They are both heat treated parts with near identical mechanical and chemical requirements.

In this series, f155 will be covering four common topics to help you build the foundation you need to better understand the threaded fastener industry.

In the latest installment of our Threaded series, we discuss materials used to make threaded rod and which work best for certain applications. In the latest installment of our Threaded series, we discuss threaded rod finishes and identify which work best for certain applications. Your email address will not be published. We would like to congratula… https: We offer a wide selection of materials, finishes, and sizes of Figure U-Bolts.


In addition to standard round be… https: We are a prime U.

Steel City Bolt – ASTM F Specification

Please describe your threaded product needs with as much detail as possible and we will consult you on what will most benefit your objectives. You may also request a quote by calling us toll free at: Aztm Dave Singer 0 comment. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Finishes September 5, Threaded June 19, Materials In the latest installment of our Threaded series, …. Input Your Industry required. Comments G1554 describe your product here File upload If you have a drawing or photo of your custom product, please upload here.

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