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Beninca Brain 24 Manual. Instruction Manual for Beninca Brain 24 Control Panel. Copy to Email · Send to Mobile. Print. Download · Buy Product. Name. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 8k2 Command central for 1/2 24Vdc motor, for single or sliding doors: BRAINY Beninca Brain 24 – EasyGates Manuals & Guides. L Rev. 02/06/02 CENTRALE DI COMANDO CONTROL UNIT STEUEREINHEIT CENTRALE DE.

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Function Description Motor 1 Connection, motor 1: With 2ch logic Off: SCA contact, open gate indicator.

With 2ch logic On: Contact controlled by 2nd radio channel of the receiver. If the battery charger board CB. Make sure the devices are correctly connected i. If buffer batteries are used, connect the CB.


benknca The parameters menu allows you to assign a numerical value to a function, in the same way as a regulating trimmer. Other special functions follow the parameters and logic menus and may vary benninca on the type of control unit or the software release.

After waiting 60s the control unit quits programming mode and switches off the display. Parameters, Logic and Special Functions The tables below describe the individual functions available in the control unit. At the end of the set time the control unit orders a closing manoeuvre. The operating time is adjusted at normal speed during motor 1 opening and closing phases. The operating time is adjusted at normal speed during motor 2 opening and closing phases.

Regulates the delay time of motor 2 on opening with respect to motor 1 Mot. If the electric lock is not used, set the parameter at 0. The value is expressed in percentage with respect to speed during normal operation.


An incorrect setting of these parameters may result in an hazard. Comply with regulations in force!

Beninca BRAIN 24 Operating Instructions Manual

Adjustment of braking With braking enabled SLD logic: The preset time should therefore be lower than the real stroke of the operator. For example, with a 20s stroke, preset 17s to start the braking phase, 3s in advance with respect to end of movement. OFFas the end of operation is determined 11 only by the triggering of the limit switch or by the amperometric sensor.

The speed of the motor during braking is determined by the SLDS parameter value. The step-by-step impulse or transmitter impulse has no effect during the opening phase. With the gate open or in the opening phase the intervention of the photocell causes automatic closing after 3 s. Active only with TCA: OFF Sld Enables or disables slowing. Blinking is activated 3s before the motor starts. OFF Blc The lock function is enabled or disabled. After the activation of closure limit switches the control unit delays the stop by approx.

OFF mloc Selects the type of electric lock used. Before each opening manoeuvre the power supply is interrupted for the time set by the parameter TLOC. Electric lock with latch, normally not fed.

Only motor 1 operating. Radio receiver enabled only for rolling-code transmitters. Receiver enabled for rolling-code and programmable code transmitters self-learning and Dip Switch.

Limit switches not provided. The amperometric sensor activation is interpreted by the control unit as limit switch. The control signal is sent to stop the movement. Brian use this function, close the limit switch contacts with jumpers. The amperometric sensor activation is interpreted by the control unit as obstacle present in the gate movement area.

  DATEV SKR 04 2010 PDF


Bran to the safety edge activation, the control signal is sent to stop and reverse movement for approx. The output has the function of 2nd radio channel: OFF serL Service light function is enabled or disabled on output For the light control use the auxiliary relay. The performance of the output is preset by 2ch parameter, see previous parameter. Press the transmitter key to be assigned to this function.

If the code is valid, it is stored in memory and OK appears. If the code is not valid, the wording Err is displayed.

CLr By selecting this function, beninva receiver awaits Push for a transmitter code to be erased from memory. If the code is valid, it is erase and OK appears.

If the code is not valid or is not in memory, the wording Err is displayed. RTR Completely erase the receiver memory. Confirmation of operation is required. Returns the control unit to the default bfain. The transmitter codes are not erased from the receiver. Example of programming Let us suppose it is necessary to: One segment of the display is linked to each input. In the event of failure it switches on according to the following scheme. For example, with the leaves completely closed the display is as follows: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.


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