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Today I’m talking about this New Adult fiction business. What’s New Adult, you ask? Well I’ve been asking the same thing for a few months and. Blacker Than Blue. By Rebekah Weatherspoon. Smashwords Edition BLACKER THAN BLUE: VAMPIRE SORORITY SISTERS BOOK 2. © By Rebekah. Buy the Paperback Book Blacker Than Blue by Rebekah Weatherspoon at Indigo .ca, Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on.

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The New Adult genre has been a thing for a long time.

Many themes covered in young adult fiction such as identity, sexuality, depression, suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, familial struggles, bullying [6] are also covered in new adult fiction, but the various issues that are dealt with in the category hold it separate.

Some common examples of issues include: This category focuses heavily on life after an individual has become of legal age, and how one deals with the new beginnings of adulthood. Commonly, these themes and issues have been seen taking place post-high school in popular new adult fiction titles, but there are exceptions [8]. Some think this is simply a marketing gimmick, another set of quick buzz words to push something that already exists.

And others actually find this is new description to be rather helpful and exciting. I actually fall into both camps. Do I think it is a bit of a marketing ploy? You use marketing techniques to drive customers to your product. Books are a business. A perfect example would be Regency romance and Westerns historicals being separated under the umbrella of historical romances.

As a reader, I also enjoy reading about the age bracket. These romances a bit more mature than YA. I mean I have to put in the effort to not stay up all night, watching cartoons and eating junk food. He recently just bought his first car. That was a traumatic experience. For a while I felt that I was reading romances with characters that we too serious and in periods of their life secure in their careers, too mature to get swept up in slightly immature fun and hilarious situations etc.

New Adult solves this problem for me as a reader. What does this have to do with me and my books? I wanted to read more stories, particularly more romances with characters that were of college age. Now there are Young Adult books with sex. Forever by Judy Blume is one that immediately comes to mind. That book has a lot of sex in it. It was written for the YA audience and the main characters are in high school.


Better Off Red has explicit sex, but Ginger is She acts and talks like a typical New England 18 year old. So who the hell was I going to sell this book to?

Luckily Bold Strokes was balcker to deal with me and Ginger, and that part of the story is history, but then I had to market the damn thing. And that was tricky too. Then along comes this New Adult business and I feel lik e Ginger and the girls of Alpha Beta Omega finally have a little place where they belong. Where dealing with class schedules and new relationships and parents and vampires all makes sense. All of my main characters will be between They will all be in college and dealing with their sexuality and their parents and race and the undead.

Hey, I need opinions. What do you guys think? Gimme rbekah opinions in the comments below.

Blacker Than Blue

thzn Was it something I said?? Ginger and Camila took it! Go ahead, spend your holiday money. Women and Words Holiday Hootenany is going strong. Blacker Than Blue is tan away from going to press. I had a hell of time editing it and I have to say I think I could write at least four stories for Benny and Cleo. I love them as a couple. At Her Feet should be out some time near fall I might take a class.

Smashwords – Blacker Than Blue – A book by Rebekah Weatherspoon – page 1

Check out this post here if you want to give me your two pennies worth of opinion. I need feedback people. Seeing myself in a magazine period is amazing. Being featured in The Advocate is just mind blowing. Pick up a copy on newsstands now. Feel free to listen to my new favorite song while you wait.

And I think I made my mom proud by wearing a dress. I look hot mid-sentence. I signed bladker books. It was all very exciting. Moving forward, I have two books and two shorts in the pipeline and I plan on cleaning up a screenplay.

To say Wewtherspoon love it would be an understatement.

He also has some great adventure time fanart on his deviant art page. The day the manuscript is due I have to appear in Palm Springs for a four day event where I will be reading three times. I hate reading out loud in public.

Vampire Sorority Sisters by Rebekah Weatherspoon | Series | Bold Strokes Books

My stress levels are at an eleven right now. Any time I spend on the internet I use to take away the pain of being on level eleven. I LOVE the characters.


I started writing this book at a really bad point in my life. And guess what, that shit showed up in my writing. Luckily my mental state improved. I left the horrid job and the horrid boss. I got to spend time with my family. I sulked to my mom. I reconnected with an amazing friend.

I brought more positive into my life and my moods started to stabilize. Thank god for my boyfriend who held my hand for that time.

So this is all going on and then I hit that horrid sophomore slump. Better Off Red walked out of my brain with its bags packed and was just waiting for a cab to the airport.

I had to drag The Fling out kicking and screaming even though I was trying to send it on a nice vacation. I had the whole story outlined to death, but my stupid, crazy, depressed brain and my busted back were making it so very difficult to get the thing down on paper and then I would get bummed that it was taking me so long and then I had to do final edits on Better Off Red and then I was bummed again.

It was a mess.

Vampire Sorority Sisters

Editor and I talked. But I have to suck it up. I have to tell you people all about it. I learned what I need to do complete a project with my sanity intact and as a result working on Blacker Than Blue has been a much smoother process. So my point is, I have another book coming out in April. You should by it. It gives you a look into Benny and Cleo and leads perfectly into Blacker than Blue. I know talking about depression and suicide makes some people really uncomfortable, but some times talking about it saves lives.

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