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Canon LV Projector Lumens Contrast Ratio Native XGA Resolution: : TV. Canon LV overview and full product specs on CNET. Find great deals for Canon LV LCD Projector. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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This Multimedia Projector is designed with most advanced technology for portability, durability, and ease of use. This projector utilizes built-in multimedia features, a palette of 1. The openings should never be covered with cloth or other materials, and the bottom opening should not be blocked by placing the projector on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface.

This projector should never be placed near or over a radiator or heat register. Remove any dirt or dust that has accumulated on the projector. If the projector reaches a time set in the timer setting, a Filter replacement icon Fig.

Installing the Projector in Proper Directions Use the projector properly in specified positions.

Improper positioning may reduce the lamp life and result in severe accident or fire hazard. This projector can project the picture in upward, downward, or inclined position in perpendicular direction to the horizontal plane. For information about transporting the projector by courier or any other transport service, consult your dealer. Cautions in Handling the Projector Do not hold the lens or the top cover when lifting or moving the projector.

High temperature from light beam may damage the lens cap and result in fire hazard. LENS button Enter the focus, zoom, and lens shift adjustment mode p.

Point ed7 8 buttons — Wired remote control unit helps you use the remote control unit outside of the operating range Connect the remote control unit and the projector with the remote control cable sold separately. Connected with the remote control cable, the remote control unit does not emit wireless signal. Change the remote control code for the projector first before changing that for the remote control unit.

Positioning the Projector For projector positioning, see the figures below.

Canon LV-7585 LCD Projector

The projector should be set perpendicularly to the plane of the screen. It is recommended to limit ambient lighting in order to obtain the best image. Slide the light-block sheet upward and remove it. Hold the lens with one hand and pull the Lens Lock Lever upward with the other hand.

Remove the lens from the projector. Attaching the lens to the projector Fit the lens to the projector. Make sure that the lens is fully inserted to the projector. Push the Lens Lock Lever downward.

Canon LV-7585 User Manual

Make sure that the lens is properly locked. Slide the light-block sheet in the groove to mount. Confirm the AC plug type with the chart below and proper AC power cord must be used. If the supplied AC power cord does not match your AC outlet, contact your sales dealer.


Lamp mode status icon see page 51 appear on the screen.

Enter the PIN code as instructed below. When the projector has cooled down enough, the POWER indicator lights green and then you can turn on the projector. To unplug the AC power cord, wait until the projector is completely cooled down.

For each adjustment and setting procedure, refer to the respective sections in this manual. Information Menu Display the input source information p. Screen Menu Used to adjust the size of the image. Operating acnon Projector Control Lens Operation The following lens operation can be made with the Lens button on the side control. Press the LENS cnon to enter each lens operation mode.

The selected adjustment display appears on the screen. Basic Operation Pointer Function You can move the Pointer of the projector with the remote control unit to emphasize a part of the projected image. Before using the INPUT button on the side control, you must select a correct input source by On-Screen Menu and the latest input source will be displayed. Should the specification be changed, this projector may not display the digital content protected by HDCP. If a computer is selected as a signal source, this projector automatically detects the signal format and tunes to project a proper image without any additional settings.

Some computers need to be set manually.

To store the adjusted parameters. The adjusted parameters from the Auto PC Adjustment can be stored in the projector. Manual PC Adjustment enables you to precisely adjust several parameters to match those special signal formats. The projector has 10 independent memory areas to store those parameters manually adjusted. It allows you to recall the setting for a specific computer. Reset To reset the adjusted data, select Reset and press the OK button. A confirmation box appears and then select [Yes].

All adjustments will return to their previous figures. Mode free To clear the adjusted data, select Mode free and then press the OK button. Use the Point ed buttons to move the red frame pointer to the desired image level and then press the OK button. Caonn Normal picture level preset on the projector.

Canon LVLP29 Replacement Lamp for the Canon LV LCD B

High contrast Picture level with improved halftone for graphics. Custom 1—10 User preset picture adjustment in the Image Adjust Menu. True Provide the image in its original size. When the original image size is larger than the screen size xthe projector enters to the panning mode automatically.

Use the Point ed7 8 buttons to pan the image. When adjusted, the arrows will turn red.

When reached to the correction limits, the arrows will disappear. This function is used to project the image from a ceiling-mounted projector.

Image Select Menu icon. Cinema Picture level adjusted with fine tone. Use the Point 7 8 buttons to move llv red frame pointer to the Screen Menu icon. Use the Point ed buttons to move the red frame pointer to the desired function and then press the OK button. Use the Point 7 8 buttons to move the red frame pointer to the Image Adjust Vanon icon.



Use the Point ed buttons to move the red frame pointer to the desired item and then press the OK button to display the adjustment dialog box. For watching a film. With this function, the projector reproduces pictures faithful to the original film quality. Setting This projector has a Setting menu that allows you to set up other various functions. Use the Point 7 8 buttons to move the red frame pointer to the Setting Menu icon. Then the captured image will be displayed the next time you turn on the projector.

To cancel the Capture function, select [No]. Key lock will be reset, as well. Code 1 and the other seven codes Code 2 to Code 8. The same code should set on both the projector and the remote control unit. Power Management function is off. Enter the PIN code every time turning on the projector. Enter the PIN code to operate the projector once the power cord is disconnected; as long as the AC power cord is connected, the projector can be operated without a PIN code.

Lamp counter This function is used to reset the lamp counter. If the filter is out of scroll and the projector reaches a time set in the timer setting, Fig.

This projector has an electrically operated filter which helps you to replace the filter easily. The projector monitors the condition of the filter at all time and replaces a filter with a new one automatically when it detects the clogging. First, clean up the dust on the projector and around the air vents. Press s on the filter cover to release the latch and open the filter cover.

Maintenance and Care Resetting the Filter Counter Be sure to reset the Filter counter after replacing the filter cartridge. Replace the lamp with a new one promptly. Replacement lamp can be ordered through your dealer. When ordering, give the following information to the dealer.

Select [Yes], then another confirmation box appears.

canonn Additionally, check carefully to ensure that there are no broken shards or pieces of glass around the projector or coming out from the cooling air circulation holes. Any broken shards found should be cleaned up carefully. No one should check the inside of the projector except those who are authorized trained technicians and who are familiar with projector service.

Avoid using an excessive amount of cleaner. Abrasive cleaners, solvents, or other harsh chemicals might scratch the surface of the cabinet.


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