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Description. wner’s manual Casio FXp. Available in English, Spanish, French and German. The purchase is for the single language manual chosen. Description. Casio FXp, the calculator is in very good condition. It comes with its original box, owner’s manual in Spanish and programs’ chart, everything. Programas Para Casio FX p. Uploaded by. Cecilia Lòpez. Manual Teodolito Cst Berger Dgt10 Esp. Uploaded by. agoch Manual Usuario – Programas.

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Table of contents Precautions Functions Noted Above The Keys Lower Case Mode Physical Lines And Logical Lines Character Code Table Auto Power Off Formula Storage Function Data Bank Function memo In Mode Built-in Scientific Library Manual Calculation Preparations Manual Calculation Input And Correction Number Of Digits Trigonometric And Inverse Trigonometric Functions Hyperbolic And Inverse Hyperbolic Functions Logarithmic Functions, Exponential Functions Decimal – Sexagesimal Conversions Decimal – Hexadecimal Conversions Fact, Nrp, Ncr Rec – Pol Scientific Function Table Calculations Using Variables Utilization For Preparing Tables Scientific Constant Table Data All Clear Data Bank Function Applications Features Of Basic Basic Program Configuration Basic Program Format Expanding File Management Basic Program Input Basic Program Execution Simple Programming Errors Executions That Produce Errors Program Logic Errors Order Of Operations Numeric Arrays And String Arrays Counting Bytes Used By Variables Calculating Program Length Cassette Interface Unit Fa-6 Single Program Save Single Program Load Centronics Interface printer Interface Basic Printer Commands Prt On Mode Character Printer fp Ram Expansion Pack rp-8 8kbrp 32kb Expanded Memory Map Handling Ram Packs Pb Series Compatibility Pb Series Program Execution Using Defm Statement Arrays Loading Pb Series Programs Defm Mode Displays Reading Pb Series Data File Handling Fundamentals Parameter Default Values New [all] Command List [all] Command On Goto Command On Gosub Command For – Next Command Rem ‘ Command On Error Goto Command Sin, Cos, Tan Functions Asn, Acs, Atn Functions Log, Ln Functions Save, Save All Commands Load, Load All Commands Data Bank Commands Activating The Library Library Activation Display Examples Used In This Manual Precautions When Using The Library Memory Calculation Flowchart Prime Factor Analysis Simultaneous Equations gauss-jordan Elimination Simultaneous Equation Flowchart Cubic Equation Flowchart Numeric Solution Of An Equation Matrix Set Up Matrix Operation Flowchart Numeric Integration romberg’s Method Periodic Functions And Symmetric Functions Ordinary Differential Equation runge-kutta Method Bessel Function Jn x Bessel Function Yn x Modified Bessel Function In x Modified Bessel Function Kn x Circle Passing Through Three Points Tangent Line Equation Area Of A Triangle Area Of A Trapezoid Area Of A Parallelogram Area Of A Circle Area Of A Sector Area Of A Segment Area Of An Ellipse Area Of A Polygon Surface Area Of A Sphere


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