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Crestron TPMC-4SM. ” Room Scheduling Touch Screen. Installation & Operations Guide – DOC. F. Contents • i. Contents. ” Room Scheduling Touch. Master photo:CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM. Add to Favorites. CAPTURE-TPMC-4SM- W-S. Touch Screen Controller for CAPTURE-HD, White Smooth. Discontinued. A stylish and versatile touch screen with ” touch display, Smart Graphics™, and multiple mounting options. Includes out-of-the-box room scheduling for use.

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Stylish, compact, and affordable touch screen with advanced features and performance. Easy and versatile surface mount or table top installation. Upcoming meetings and open time slots are clearly displayed on the color touch screen, and users can even reserve a room right on the spot.

Room Scheduling Touch Screens end the wasteful practice of searching the corridors for an available room. They help organizations to 4sn productivity and get the most usable time out of every room. Shortcut buttons on either side of the touch screen provide quick access to the most common scheduling functions. With its clean, modern appearance, the TPMC-4SM makes an elegant statement in any environment including office buildings, conference centers, hotels, and universities.

It can be installed on a wall over a standard electrical box, placed 4sk a table, or mounted to virtually any flat surface — even glass, granite, or marble. Through its color touch screen, the TPMC-4SM provides essential room scheduling capabilities that can be customized to suit the needs of any organization.

Positioned on either side of the touch crestrob display, these buttons offer an easy method for navigating the on-screen user interface, providing quick access to the most common scheduling functions.

The buttons are also backlit, illuminating green or red to indicate when the room is available or in use. The button backlighting is fully dimmable to allow for just the right brightness. For custom applications, each button can be individually programmed to provide discrete feedback [2].

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Customized labeling of the buttons can also be attained using Crestron Engraver software. For a clean appearance, the buttons may be removed and covered using the no-button covers provided.


In such an event, the current reservation can be cancelled automatically to make the room available to others. Proximity Sensor As you approach the TPMC-4SM, it senses your presence tpcm wakes the screen automatically, allowing room status and meeting details to be viewed without having to touch the screen. Additional enhancements include support for H. PoE Power over Ethernet eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring.

It can also be adapted for mounting to a vertically-oriented 1-gang or 2-gang electrical box, or a 2-gang UK electrical box, cresron the optional Universal Wall Mount Kit WMKU-4SM [3]which can also be used without an electrical box for a low-profile surface-mount solution [4].

For impenetrable surfaces, such as decorative glass, granite, marble, plaster, smooth stone, and masonry, Crestron offers the Multi-Surface Mount Kit MSMK-4SM [4]which provides a very versatile mounting solution complete with a low-profile rear shell enclosure, adhesive mounting plate, optional angle bracket, and wire raceway. This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer. To find a rcestron, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area.

A list of sales representatives is available online at www. The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at: Certain Crestron products contain open source software. For specific information, please visit www.

Google Calendar is either a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc. Other trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.

Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. 4ms are subject to change without notice. Schedule View — Displays a clear, at-a-glance view of the current reservation, with the ability to also see upcoming reservations and available time slots at the press of a button.


New reservations can be scheduled on the spot. End Now — Allows you to end a reservation early, making the room available to others immediately. Extend — Allows you to extend the current reservation if a meeting is running over and the room is still available.

Details — Provides additional information about a reservation. Broadcast Messaging — Allows text bulletins, announcements, and other messages to be displayed on the touch screen. Emergency broadcasts can be accompanied by an alert sound, while non-emergency messages are displayed on the screen without disrupting its normal use.

Tpkc universal, multi-surface, and tabletop mounting kits are each sold separately. Enabled through custom programming. Not used for typical room scheduling applications. Item s sold separately.

Crestron Tpmc-4sm White Smooth 4.3″ Room Scheduling Touch Screen

Requires a horizontally-oriented 1-Gang electrical box or plaster ring, or a 4smm European DIN electrical box; choice of standard or security screws provided; optional universal wall, multi-surface, and table top mounting kits sold separately [1]. Showing 1 – 10 of 11 1 2. Installation and Operations Guide. Complete environmental system and home automation design features lighting control, occupancy sensors, HVAC control, touchpanel control and much more.

Case Study – Crestron Asia Experience Center Shanghai, China Located in Shanghai, the Crestron Asia Experience Center provides integrators, architects and designers with fully crrestron rooms to host customers and demonstrate the latest Crestron products.

The Experience Center features a simulated hotel suite, digital boardroom and a comprehensive trainingroom.


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