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C. altivelis was listed as ‘VU A4cd’ on the IUCN Red List in February by the IUCN Groupers and Wrasses Specialist Group (GWSG) in the. Geographic Range. The Barramundi Cod is generally found in the waters off the Northern Australian coast and as far as Western Australia. Although this fish is. Learn more about the Humpback grouper – with amazing Humpback grouper photos and facts on Arkive.

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Humpback grouper

Nicobar Islands to Broome, Western Australia. Records from Hawaii are probably based on released aquarium fishes Ref. Short description Morphology Morphometrics Dorsal spines total: This species is easily distinguished by its extreme smallness of size of the anterior part of the head as compared to the elevated postorbital part; absence of canine teeth, except for a very small pair at the front of the upper jaw; D X, ; A III, croileptes rarely 9 ; a slit-like posterior nostril; color greenish white to light greenish brown with scattered round black spots on head, body, and fins, with body spots generally larger than those on head and fins; about 9 large roundish dusky blotches may be present on body, with some extending partly into base of dorsal and anal fins Ref.


Also found around coral reefs and in tide pools. Growth is very slow.

Feed on small fishes and crustaceans Ref. Artificial spawning was accomplished in the work of Tang et al.

Larvae cfomileptes 7 days after hatching. Juveniles are commonly caught for the aquarium trade while adults are utilized as food fish Ref. Sold in Hong Kong live fish markets Ref. Main reference Upload your references References Coordinator: Groupers of the world family Serranidae, subfamily Epinephelinae.

Humpback grouper videos, photos and facts – Cromileptes altivelis | Arkive

An annotated and illustrated catalogue of the grouper, rockcod, hind, coral grouper and lyretail species known to date. Sounds Ciguatera Speed Swim. Estimates of some properties based on models Preferred temperature Ref. Phylogenetic diversity index Ref.

Cromileptes altivelis, Humpback grouper : fisheries, aquaculture, aquarium

Medium, minimum population doubling time 1. Low to moderate vulnerability 34 of Marine; reef-associated; depth range 2 – 40 m Ref. Generally inhabit lagoon and seaward reefs and are typically found in dead or silty areas Ref.


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