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SUBJECT CODE / Name: CS – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. UNIT – II. PART -A (2 Marks). LOGICAL REASONING. 1. What factors determine the selection. Artificial Intelligence CS – Two mark Question Bank 2. Define Artificial Intelligence in terms of human performance. The art of creating machines that. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS ANNA UNIVERSITY CSE 7TH SEMESTER ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 MARKS.

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Describe the four categories under which AI is classified with examples. Explain how did you convert them into learning agents?. Explain different agent types with their PEAS descriptions. Explain how a problem solving agent works?

Compare different uninformed search strategies in terms of the four evaluation ijtelligence. Mention the strategies used in resolving clauses unit-preference, set-of-support, best first.

Explain with an example the different stages of G reedy Best First search. How CSP is formulated as a search prob- lem? Explain with an example. How will you over- come it? Explain with the diagram the upper ontology of the world. Explain the ontology of situation calculus. Explain with ex – amples.

Artificial Intelligence CS2351 – Two mark Question Bank

Draw a learning curve for the decision tree algorithm Explain in detail with an example. Write FOIL algorithm for learning sets of first- order horn clauses from example. Explain a Passive reinforcement learning b Active reinforcement learning What are different types of machine translation?


Where is the Menu? How to request Study Material? List the fields that form the basis for AI. What is a Knowledge Based System? List a few of the task domains of AI. Describe the components of a KBS.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE–Question Bank (All Units) ~ Vidyarthiplus (V+) Blog – A Blog for Students

What is a Production System? Define state-space search technique. List the steps in performing a state-space search. What is heuristic search? What do you mean by Game Playing? What are the components of a Game software? What is a plausible-move generator? What is its role? Mention some of the knowledge representation techniques. What is clausal form?

How is it useful? Define a well-formed formula wff. List some of the rules of inference. What are semantic nets? How do they inteloigence from semantic nets. What is its use? List the components of a script. Mention the frame artiflcial primitives. Define forward and backward chaining.

What is means-end analysis? Minimax algorithm 8 i i. Define Non monotonic reasoning.

CS6659 AI Notes, Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes – CSE 6th SEM Anna University

What are Truth Maintenance Systems? Draw its block diagram. What are Bayesian networks? What is fuzzy logic? How Knowledge is represented?

What is propositional logic? What are the elements of propositional logic? What are modus ponens? What are knowledge based agents? P A R T – B intlligence i Artifficial the syntactic elements of first-Order logic 8 ii Illustrate the use of first-order logic to represent knowledge. List the general classification of languages. Construct parse trees for given sentences. List the types of grammars. What is its importance? What is the role of semantic analysis in NLP?


D efine Natural Language generation. List any two NLP systems. What is distributed reasoning? What are Intelligent Agents?

Artificial Intelligence CS – Two mark Question Bank | Knowledge Adda

What are its use? Draw a learning curve for the decision tree algorithm 16 6 Explain with an example a E nsemble learning 4 c2351 C umulative learning process 4 c Relevant based learning RBL 4 d Inductive logic programming 4 7 What is explanation based learning? What are Expert Systems? Briefly explain the knowledge acquistion process. List the characteristic features of a expert system.

Mention some of the key applications of ES. What are its types? What is Explanation Based Learning? Explain with examples a V erb sub categorization 8 b S emantic interpretation 8 6 D i scuss ambiguity and disambiguation.

Explain with an example 16 8 Explain in detail a I n formation Retrieval 8 b I n formation Extraction 8 9 What is machine translation? Newer Post Older Post Home.

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