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Results 1 to 16 of External clock on datssheet problem. OK, I’ve read the datasheet but I’m still confused. I have someone elses pre-made project that I’m altering. I also tried ‘clkin VAR portA.

16F819 Datasheet PDF

Anyone point me in the right direction? As I say the code works with Xtal osc but not external clock so seems no dataseet posting the code.

If it already runs in assembler, why assume posting your new basic code is pointless? It’s difficult to make suggestions if we can’t see your code, a schematic of your project wouldn’t hurt either. This thread is just 4 below yours right now: Hmm, my post isn’t very dztasheet.


I have the software working on a development board. This board uses a 10Mhz Xtal osc as standard.

It appears my programmer is defaulting to the ‘inc’ values. Originally Posted by tasmod. Robert, Havent you ever ran a PIC from an external oscillator before? You only need 1 pin for the input. That frees up another pin for some external use by the designer. Originally Posted by Dave. No Robert, Like this: They can always serve as a bad example. Dave, do you have an example from one of your programs? These are the available fuses for a 16F To all intents and purposes a clock and oscillator are one and the same.

This is what I need: Hmm, I posted another reply but it vanished into the ether! OK, changing the INC file datssheet putting that line in did the trick. Seems my programmer options don’t work it always goes back to the standard INC, modifying that worked.

No surprise there then. I’ll post the code once I have it from the other computer.


(Datasheet) 16F pdf – PIC16F/ Data Sheet 18/Pin Enhanced Flash PIC16F (7-page)

OK, this is the test code. Just trying to reproduce characters. I’ve studied the datasheet time and time dafasheet, I just don’t get it. I need some help to understand what I’m missing here. The LCD still gives one line with the code and fuses as mentioned in posts above.

BUT I can’t see what’s wrong. I need the settings as follows: I’ve dattasheet other settings but I’m now completely confused. Can someone please help. Members who have read this thread: The time now is


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