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Click the links to the left for information on the features, options, and operation of your multifunction printer. For information on other documentation included with. Manuale dell’utente. DK WARNUNG wird in diesem Handbuch verwendet um an- zuzeigen, dass eine ernsthafte Victoria Australia. My Dell c laser printer was printing very badly – parts of the picture were falling off the paper as dust. I thought perhaps cheap toner was to.

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For information on other documentation included with your multifunction printer, see “Finding ADF To order replacement print hhandbuch or supplies from Dell: Double-click the icon on your desktop.

Visit Dell’s website, or order Dell printer supplies by phone. Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. Trademarks used in this text: Finding Information What are you looking Find it here for? The Product Information Guide may not be available in your jandbuch or region. Select your region on the support page, and fill in the requested details to access help tools and information.

If the IP address shows 0. To assign one for your multifunction printer, see “Assign an IP Address. Printer Status Use the Printer Status menu to get immediate feedback on printer supply status.

When print cartridge is running low, click the Order Supplies hanxbuch on the first screen to order additional print cartridges.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

You must log in as an administrator to use this feature. For Netscape Communicator 7. The layout of the page is divided into three sections mentioned below: Top Frame Located at the top of all pages is the Top Frame. When Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool is activated, the current status and specifications of the multifunction printer are displayed in the Top Frame on every page.

Set Password Links to the Other Features menu. Online Help Links to the Dell web page. See the User’s Guide on that page. Links to the Dell web page. Contact Dell Support at: Links to the Dell support page. When you are accessing these menus, the authentication dialog appears on the screen. Type a user name and password for the printer’s administrator by following the prompts displayed in the dialog box. Displays the percent of toner remaining in each print cartridge.

When a cartridge is empty, a message appears. To verify the printer details such as hardware configuration and software version. This page can also be displayed by clicking Printer Information in the Left Frame. Asset Tag Number Displays the printer’s asset tag number.


Dell Multifunction Color Laser Printer cn User’s Guide

Printer Serial Number Displays the printer’s serial number. Displays the job id. Job Name Displays the file name of the job being printed.

Owner Displays the job owner’s name. Host Name Displays the name of the host computer. Job Status Displays the status of the job being printed. Job Type Displays the type of the job. To display the current settings of the operator panel menus. System Power Saver Displays the status for the power saver mode 2. Print Text Displays whether the multifunction printer outputs PDL Page Description Language data, which is not supported by the multifunction printer, as text when the multifunction printer receives Banner Sheet Displays the position of banner sheet.

Symbol Set Displays a symbol set for a specified font.

Font Size Displays the font size for scalable typographic fonts. Font Pitch Displays the font pitch for scalable monospaced fonts.

Form Line Displays the number of characters in a line. Quantity Displays the number of copies you want for the printer default value.

Auto Exposure Adjusts the overall brightness to make the copy overexposed than the original. Auto Exposure Displays the level of the overall brightness.

Yellow Medium Displays the yellow medium density. ID Copy Prints the original pages onto one sheet of paper in the original size. Collated Sorts the copy job. Wireless Stores data via the wireless connection. Darker1 Works well with light print or faint pencil markings.

Darker2 Darker3 Lighter3 Works well with dark print. Lighter2 Lighter1 Sharpness Softer Adjusts sharpness of color to make the copy softer than the original.

Fine For documents containing small characters or thin lines or documents printed using a dot- matrix printer. SuperFine For documents containing extremely fine detail. The super fine mode is enabled only if the remote printer also supports the Super Fine resolution. The default is 6sec. The default is 48sec. Line Monitor Turns off the volume for the line monitor.

Specifies the volume in Min for the incoming faxes. Duplex Print Uses duplex printing when you receive a fax. Send Header Creates cover pages for the faxes. Auto Reduction Automatically reduces the size if there is any excess document at the bottom of the page.

Color Fax Allows color faxes to be sent and received select color or black and white when sending a fax. Specifies the time format in 24H or 12H. Time Zone Specifies the time zone. Set Date Sets the date. Set Time Sets the time. Displays the width of paper loaded in the multipurpose feeder. To print various types of reports and lists. System Settings Click the Start button to print the system settings page. Panel Settings Click the Start button to print the panel settings page.


Power Saver Displays the status for the power saver mode 2. Mode2 Power Saver Displays the amount of time before the multifunction printer enters the power saver Timer Mode 1 timer mode 1 after it finishes a print job.

Power Saver Displays the amount of time before the multifunction printer enters the power saver Timer Mode 2 timer mode 2 after it finishes a print job. This item is only available when the MB, or higher, optional memory card is installed. Substitute Tray Specifies whether or not to use another size paper when the paper that is loaded in the specified tray does not match the paper size settings for the current job. To change printer settings that only affect jobs using the PCL emulation printer language.

Paper Tray Specifies the input tray. Paper Size Specifies the default paper size. Custom Size – Y Specifies the length of paper. The available range is from 98 mm 3. This menu sets a password to lock the operator panel.

To create your own default Copy settings. Displays the level of the overall brightness. All changes made on the Tray Setting menus on the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool are discarded if they are made while the multifunction printer in power saver mode.

Exit the mode to change the settings.

To continue using , please upgrade your browser.

Displays the black high density. To confirm the Copy settings.

Auto Fit Fits the image on the paper currently loaded. Handvuch multiple image copies from the original document on a single page. Specifies the margin of the copy. Margin mm 0. Scans an image in dpi. Higher Adjusts the amount of color in a specified hue to make the copy sharper than the original. Lower Adjusts the amount of color in a specified hue to make the copy softer than the original.

Lighter2 Lighter1 Delayed Start


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