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La difteria suele causar dolor de garganta, fiebre, inflamación de los Afecta principalmente a niños menores de 5 años de edad que no han. La epidemia de difteria continúa azotando al país. La enfermedad, prevenible por vacuna, ha cobrado la vida de 19 niños solo en el hospital. “Los niños y sus madres son el tesoro más precioso que tiene la Región de adicional contra el tétanos y la difteria en niños y adolescentes;.

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I was in Bangladesh in September and witnessed at the border burning villages in neighbouring Myanmar. I heard harrowing stories of murder and rape, ethnic cleansing and genocide. I was fortunate to return to Bangladesh just a couple of weeks ago, accompanied by two amazing businessman, Aneel Mussarat and Iqbal Ahmed.

We need to get these refugees returned voluntarily to their ancestral homes in safety and dignity guaranteed by the UN in white helmets. We need independent investigation of crimes against humanity and the perpetrators brought to justice. We need restoration of citizenship and equal rights diftegia the Rohingyas back in Myanmar.

The majority are women who have fled along with their children, many being victims of violence and sexual assaults. Not only do these children lack food, clean water, health care, trauma therapy, education and security, but they vifteria also victims of trafficking, violence, sexual exploitation and child marriage. During the monsoon season, they will also be at high risk of deadly disease outbreaks and landslides.

The international community has to place the personal safety of every individual on the top of their security agendas. To keep these women and children safe, and to put pressure on Myanmar to end the persecution of the Rohingya, there is a need for an independent investigation. Erste Todesopfer sind in Bangladesch bereits zu beklagen.

Der Ausbruch von Seuchen droht. Myanmar bleibt ein Problemfall, und wir sollten es weiter unter Beobachtung halten. Ha sido un genocidio lo que los ha puesto otra vez sobre el mapa. Todos hemos escuchado las cifras: All of them have diftedia atrocities, and many of them are suffering from malnutrition, physical abuse and illnesses.

Rape is used as a tool by Myanmar soldiers in their campaign of ethnic cleansing. Rohingya women and children are extremely exposed to the risk of being trafficked into prostitution and to the risk of sexual harassment, and the situation of the Rohingyas is already getting worse due to the monsoon. The international community must do its utmost to find a sustainable approach to the tragic situation, but the Myanmar authorities should bear in mind that ethnic cleansing does not go without punishment.

The European Union should seek accountability for those nips in Myanmar and work towards referring the situation in Myanmar to the International Criminal Court. Rohingyas are going from crisis to crisis. The next four months threaten catastrophic risk for difteeia refugees, especially children. Now heavy rains mark the start of the monsoon season, which is predicted to bring with it disease, landslides, flash flooding and death. There is a dire need to step up the international support during this critical time, to address the humanitarian needs of both the refugees and the whole community.

We need a comprehensive and sustainable approach to this humanitarian crisis because there is no realistic prospect of safe and voluntary return.

Furthermore, ne also ej forget the root cause of this tragedy. But the monsoon season is now, so saving lives must be our priority. A w r. Baby’s verwekt met haat en geweld, niet uit liefde. Moeders die al leven in zeer erbarmelijke omstandigheden, met vaak al kinderen die geen onderwijs genieten en die ondervoed zijn.


Collega’s, ik wil hier speciaal de aandacht vragen voor het lot van de mama’s en de kinderen.

Hoe wil je dat een mama kan houden van een kind dat ontstaan is na een brute verkrachting? We moeten die ouders bijstaan. We moeten die mama’s bijstaan.

tétanos – Información para los padres | CDC

We moeten ne kinderen opvangen. En dat is de taak van Europa. Het leven in die kampen is erbarmelijk. En vandaag moet Europa een signaal geven, moeten we daders straffen.

Maar we moeten vooral inzetten op begeleiding van de moeders die gaan bevallen, zodanig dat die kinderen tenminste eerlijke kansen krijgen in die kampen. Dat zijn we verplicht. L’Unione deve intervenire nelle sedi competenti, con voce ferma per garantire ai Rohingya il pieno rispetto dei loro diritti fondamentali e civili, con particolare attenzione ai bambini. Identification of the Rohingya as Rohingya itself has been shied away from.

La Región de las Américas elimina el tétanos materno y neonatal

Citizenship has not been addressed adequately at all. Without citizenship being addressed, ultimately that ethnic cleansing will succeed, and without dlfteria there are no costs to Myanmar for that ethnic cleansing. Is it not time that we made consequences to all of the words that we have spoken diteria this issue over many years? These are children who have been suffering far too long and enduring beyond what anyone should have to endure in a lifetime.

No child deserves this. It is the duty of the Myanmar Government and that of Bangladesh to do everything they can to safeguard the rights of diifteria children affected by the crisis and to guarantee their safety. The EU must continue working to stop the crisis and it must look into other measures if Myanmar refuses to uphold the rights of the Rohingya.

We should also be grateful to Bangladesh for its support for the refugees. Europe has an obligation substantially to increase its financial contributions for humanitarian aid and lifesaving support.

We should also be concerned about the political stability of the country. The situation is tense and elections are scheduled for the end of the year. It is important that they will be fair and transparent.

Human rights violations, enforced disappearances and riots are happening on a daily basis, and the leader of the opposition, Khaleda Zia, is in prison under questionable conditions. It is in our interest that the forthcoming elections meet democratic standards and guarantee stability in this country. Ma Aisha e il suo bambino non sono gli unici in questa situazione, almeno mille sono i Rohingya al di sotto dei 5 anni brutalmente uccisi dall’agosto scorso. Ventottomila e trecento sono i bambini che hanno perso almeno un genitore.

Queste vittime innocenti, arrivate nei campi al confine con il Bangladesh, rischiano ogni giorno di subire abusi sessuali da parte di quelle stesse milizie che hanno ucciso i loro genitori.

Their most basic rights are not respected and they suffer grave physical and psychological distress, as they have witnessed crimes against humanity.

The situation of girls, in particular, is terrible: Organisations present on the ground should adopt a gendered approach and take particular care of girls and women present in the refugee camps. In a situation of refugee camps where sexual violence and rape is prevalent, newborns are another extension of the Rohingya crisis which accelerates the vicious cycle of the current nightmare.


A refugee camp is no place for a child to be born. Such camps have very poor sanitation and are a breeding ground for diseases like diphtheria, measles and cholera, to which newborns are particularly vulnerable.

Meanwhile, despite the very commendable efforts of Bangladesh, hundreds nioos thousands of people, including children, will continue to suffer. Most worryingly, just as the monsoon rains are coming, thousands of babies em in rape are expected to be born soon in the camps.

Sexual violence was an integral tool of the Burmese military in its effort to inflict terror on the Rohingyas. The absolute priority is to save lives and to shelter these women and babies from the difterja.

The European Union response to this crisis has consisted of five main components. First, immediate and unconditional humanitarian assistance to all displaced persons. Second, condemnation of all forms of violence. Third, continuous constructive engagement with the civilian Difgeria of Myanmar on the basis of an ambitious development agenda, including with a view to addressing the root causes of conflict in accordance with the Annan report.

Fourth, the promotion of conditions allowing the eventual voluntary and dignified return of displaced persons to their homes in Rakhine State in safety. And fifth, exploring assistance which goes beyond short-term aid.

OPS alertó sobre los brotes de difteria en Venezuela

In all of this, due account has been taken niox the relevant resolutions adopted by the European Parliament on the Rohingya crisis. This applies firstly in respect of action on the political front.

We regret that Myanmar is not cooperating with this fact-finding mission. In Aprilin the light of the disproportionate use of force by the Myanmar army, the European Union adopted a strengthened arms embargo and put in place a framework for targeted restricted measures against Myanmar military officers.

Our dialogue with Bangladesh authorities and the United Nations is constant diftdria an effort to address the tremendous challenges faced by Bangladesh in welcoming the refugees generously. The monsoon season, which has just started, brings additional challenges and we are increasing our humanitarian aid in Difteris and continuing to provide aid in Rakhine State, but lack of access remains a key problem.

Our humanitarian aid and development system ne not specifically focus on children but, given the very high number of children and women in the camps, our aid actually does focus on these vulnerable groups of the refugee population. And we are focusing on protection issues, including a security presence and security controls in the camps by law-enforcement authorities at all times. We are seeking authorisation to provide secondary education; we are looking into possibilities to support severely reliant families through local opportunities in order to avoid relations based on vulnerability; and we are pursuing preparedness initiatives in the context of difterix current monsoon and cyclone season, with a view to relocating the most vulnerable population to safer areas.

The European Union will continue to provide support to the Rohingya people in Fifteria in order to alleviate this major refugee crisis and to contribute to stabilisation in the region. Mario Borghezio ENFper iscritto. L’Alto Rappresentante, come intende intervenire a tutela della minoranza cristiana a Kachin? Choisissez la langue de votre document: Ciclos relativos a los documentos:


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