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Dnp CX-D80 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dnp CX-D80 Electronic Manual. DNP Photo Imaging Site DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation has the broadest selection of dye sublimation photo printers for the photo retail market and. The DNP CX-D80 Re transfer Card Printer is the culmination of the technological development and is the most innovative card printer available for all types of.

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Retransfer card printer with the most innovative reliability c-xd80 high quality printing, available for all types of card-issuing applications.

CX-D80 card printer has a high reliable and featured thermal retransfer-printing engine.

The CX-D80 card printer provides the integration of proven, long-established technology with a compact and user-friendly body. Printing quality of CX-D80 card printer is excellent, full bleed printing real edge-to-edgephoto finish and irregular surfaces printing.


DNP CX-D80 Retransfer Card Printer

Is the ideal solution for Smart Cards or RFID cards, thanks to the use of retransfer technology which prints over the protection film instead of cx-d8 over the card. Furthermore, film protection minimizes card damages from its use.

CX-D80 card printer offers the possibility to include Bend Remedy option. This option corrects card dnnp once has been printed in single side, putting the card back into its original state.

Double sided model makes the card flipping internally with no need of external modules. This, minimize technical and mechanical problems in the future.

DNP CX-D80 Re Transfer Card Printer

Besides, it offers the RFID cards and smart cards encoding option. The printer has a specific security function which consists in the cxd-80 of sent data for the card printing. Used ribbons are a perfect copy of printed data. CX-D80 card printer has an erase function of K panel, which erases all information remained from the card. Also includes security protocols for the encoding.


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