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Educar Es Un Riesgo/ Educating is a Risk: Apuntes Para Un Metodo Educativo Verdadero (Spanish) Paperback – Import, 30 Mar by Luigi Giussani. Get this from a library! Educar es un riesgo: apuntes para un método educativo verdadero. [Luigi Giussani]. Search results. of results for Books: “Luigi Giussani” El Riesgo Educativo: Como Creacion de Personalidad y de Historia. 1 Mar by Luigi.

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The presentation of the Spanish version of Father Giussani’s The Religious Sense represented both a challenge and a proposal for the big cities of northern Peru, Trujillo and Chiclayo. The first volume of the “PerCorso” the series of three books that begins with this one was presented on November 20th, in the courtyard of the most famous colonial house in Trujillo, the Casa de la Emancipacion, with the paternal support of Most Reverend Miguel Cabrejos, the new Archbishop of Trujillo, who encouraged the initiative from the very eduucar, manifesting his interest and esteem for Father Giussani’s book.

Gian Battista Bolis of Lima witnessed to how a reading of this book offers an extraordinary opportunity for encounter. lhigi

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That is, an encounter with a “way of living faith that embraces all of reality, explaining a Fact that makes an impact on one’s life in order to change it. Three Trujillo daily newspapers and one from Chiclayo, as well as some giussanj radios, gave ample publicity to the event.

For the first time parishes and schools, bookstores and public meeting places were covered with ss posters featuring a reproduction of Matisse’s Icarus, an image of man’s heart in relationship with the Infinite.


The friends in the communities of Trujillo and Chiclayo took this conscious relationship and the freedom that is born of it as their starting point, seeing the moment of the presentation as a chance to gussani known to everyone the experience of the Movement. School friends, university professors, young people, priests, and nuns crowded into the meetings.

A great satisfaction stays with me for having given everything, with confidence, for the things in which I most believe: The friends in the Movement luivi astonished to see so many people flock to the municipal auditorium.

Great educarr was shown in Father Giussani’s proposals for education. Educar es un riesgo the title of the Spanish translation of the book is the risk of liberty for those who, having encountered something great for their lives, want to witness to it to the far corners of the earth.

Massimo Cenci and Fr. Giuliano, PIME missionaries, and Father Giussani, because the encounter we have had makes us embrace rieesgo entire world, starting with a belonging that is alive. The Religious Sense sets up a process of dialogue that is necessary for man to discover himself and to live by being himself.

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It is a difficult dialogue for many edycar, as they are not used to reflecting on man’s fundamental questions: But dialogue is necessary in order for all of us to be able to live more and more as persons.

We men are not islands, we are, whether we like it or not, in relationship.

We develop our personality in relationship with others. Solitude is something that is merely subjective because “when one is aware of the adequate motive for which he is with others, even if everyone were distracted or not understanding, he would not be alone at all.


Among others, there are “the most uncontrolled forces ds instinct and power. It is not a question of approaching life as a reaction, but it is necessary to know where we are going.

Man here puts into play his intellect, will, and freedom.

Thus on the near or distant horizon Being, the Infinite, God is manifest. God himself stimulates all man’s energies so that he can reach his goal. The nostalgia for God is a constant in human life, even though we don’t want to think about it. In the last part educra his book, Father Giussani states that “reality calls us on to another reality. Reason, in order to be faithful to its nature and to the nature of such a calling, is forced to admit the existence of something else underpinning, explaining everything.

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And human beings hear the presence of a ‘Beyond’ by interpreting the dynamic structure of their relationship with things. In Jesus Christ, who is the Truth, faith recognizes the ultimate appeal to humanity, rs appeal made in order that what we experience as desire and nostalgia may come to its fulfillment. The encouragement of the new Archbishop of Trujillo.


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