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Patricia L. M. TORRES Brote de histoplasmosis en la Escuela de Cadetes de la Base Aérea de Morón, Provincia de Buenos Aires, República Argentina. busquen el libro, “El séptimo Cadete”, de Patricia Zarco. Show more. This item has been hidden. Language: English; Location: United States; Restricted Mode. El septimo Cadete de Patricia Zarco Ahora son momentos decisivos, Elegimos por el progreso, la verdad y principalmente la libertad que.

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Characterization of agua de Ramon marbles, Cordoba ProvinceArgentina. It was a very important tungsten district until the end of ‘decade when tungsten mining became of no economic interest. The objective is to report for the first time the petrological, mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of several marble lenses located in the sourthern of the area. Marble outcrops are lenticular ranging from 1 m to 80 m in length and 0. They appear massive, fine-grained and in light colors white, pale green, very light brown and pale gray.

These last varieties show a distinct banded structure due to little differences in color. These marbles are mainly composed of magnesian calcite accompanied by minor amounts of dolomite, forsterite, humite group minerals, tremolite, fadete, serpentine and clinochlore, and scheelite, sphene, apatite and opaque minerals like hematite, magnetite, illmenite, pirrothite and pyrite as accessory minerals.

Major chemical analyses indicate a relatively high SiO2 and MgO cwdete, and minor CaO, in comparison with marbles of this type.

Mineral paragenesis was useful to evaluate metamorphism conditions in this area [es. Analysis of the potential for hydrogen production in the province of CordobaArgentinafrom wind resources. Poeta Lugones 12, 2do. Piso, Cordoba Argentina ; Jeandrevin, G.

El séptimo cadete – Patricia Zarco – Google Books

The potential for hydrogen production from wind resources in the province of Cordobasecond consumer of fossil fuels for transportation in Argentinais analyzed. Three aspects of the problem are considered: The potential for hydrogen production from wind resources is analyzed for each department of the provinceexcluding those regions not suited for wind farms. The analysis takes into account the efficiency of the electrolyzer and the capacity factor of the wind power system.

It is concluded that the automotive transportation could be supplied by hydrogen stemming from wind resources via electrolysis. New locality record and distribution extension in Cordoba CadetdArgentina. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

Molossopstemminckii has a wide distribution in Argentinabut this new record represents the second mention of the species for the Cordoba Province after 13 years. The specimens of E.

cordoba province argentina: Topics by

This new information reflects the scarcity of systematic studies on bats in Cordoba Province. Intervention and peasant organization. The case of Copacabana in the province of Cordoba Argentina. Full Text Available Most of the researchers who work with rural development subjects agree that the social organizations are essential for the rural population to play a role in their own development. Therefore, the organization is a necessary condition for the rural development, and the problem lies in establishing the correct methodology to promote it.

In Copacabana, a rural town in the northern mountainous province of Cordobawe ask: How does one handle family farmers, tensions between individual strategy, and collective action to solve their problems? We conclude that for campesinos is not easy to allocate the social investments required to develop a long-lasting organization. It is patriica required an appropriate balance between the individualistic tendencies of their members and their collective needs.

To overcome the tensions arising within organizations it is necessary to create a process of constructive participation that allows a that the whole group becomes committed with the aims originally proposed, but at the same time to be flexible enough to modify and recreate them; and b to establish a set of rules allowing the access to new members, and transparent mechanisms of social control which are accepted and shared by all members.

In many cases this process may be favored by the participation of external social actors. Tourn, S; Castro, L. Mineral paragenesis was useful to evaluate metamorphism conditions in this area. En el pasado cadfte un importante distrito de explotacion wolframifera, pero dicha actividad se halla paralizada desde fines de la decada del ‘ El objetivo de este trabajo es hacer conocer por primera vez las patricua de los marmoles localizados en el sector sur desde el punto de vista petrografico, mineralogico y geoquimico de manera que permita realizar un analisis petrogenetico.


Geochemical characteristics of ground waters related with lixiviation, transport and precipitation of uranium in the Conlara river valley provinces of San Luis and Cordoba Argentina are studied. Anions and cations’ distributions, together with hardness, specific conductivity, pH, Eh, and uranium and vanadium contents, have been studied. Those parameters characterize four hidrogeochemical facies along an Septijo profile: An ”Interphase zone” transition from bicarbonate water to sulfate waterwhere changes in composition may define a geochemical environment capable of UO2 precipitation, has been determined.

El séptimo cadete

Besides, the calculated values required for equilibrium with uraninite or carnotite resulted much greater than those obtained in the performed experiments. It means that the precipitation of those minerals requires either the presence of greate amounts of uranium or vanadium, or a reducing environment with Eh values smaller than the observed ones. Finally, the steps to be taken in future investigations are suggested in view to a drilling plan where: Groundwater contamination with arsenic and other trace elements in an area of the Pampa, province of CordobaArgentina.

A geochemical study of the groundwater of the pampa in the province of CordobaArgentinais reported. Physical-chemical parameters, dissolved solids, and seven trace elements were determined in 60 selected water samples. Systematic and accurate measurements of arsenic, fluorine, and vanadium were performed for the first time. The geographic distribution of the seven trace elements was mapped and its correlation with the anion-cation composition of the water was studied.

Eighty-four percent of the water analyzed showed arsenic contents over 0. The maxima for arsenic, fluorine, vanadium, and uranium contents were found in the western part of the study area, in waters dominated by alkali metal cations. Maximum selenium and antimony contents were found in the eastern part of the areas, whereas molybdenum distribution showed no relationship to the other groups. The movements of the subsoil have disturbed surface and subsurface drainage, thus influencing the water salinity and trace element contents.

To investigate the origin of contamination, 54 loess samples were collected at wells in depths ranging from the surface down to the water table. This loess, which has a high proportion of volcanic components, mainly rhyolitic glass, exhibits a chemical composition corresponding to that of a dacite. The loess and volcanic glass show anomalous contents of all contaminant trace elements, mainly arsenic and selenium.

For this reason, loess is considered to be the most important source of contamination of this ground water area. Bioacustical and etho-ecological features in amphibian communities of Southern Cordoba province Argentina.

El Séptimo Cadete

In the present work, the most important etho-ecological differences reproduction habitat, call site, daily and seasonal activity of species that constitute the communities of southern Cordoba Province are indicated, and a classification of advertisement calls is provided.

The acoustic records obtained in the field during the reproductive period were analyzed through a program of sound digital analysis comparing the following parameters: Three types of basic calls were recognized based on duration; this category was sub-divided depending on the shape of the oscillographic image.

Results of this analysis revea] marked differences between advertisement calls, mainly at the level of dominant frequency ranges and call duration. This partition of sound space represents a mechanism of mating isolation that minimizes the interaction between sympatric species that breed at the same time.

The dw of Vitamin D level is associated with clinical, pathological and physiological changes as increased of parathyroid hormone, bone remodeling, osteoporosis and increased risk of fractures.

Moreover,vitamin D and its metabolites are known to be associated with multiple chronic diseases as diabetes mellitus, autoimmune, cardiovascular and neoplasia diseases. Blood vitamin D levels were tested caedte 24 patients and Bone mineral density in 31 patients. The data were analyzed by Spearman coefficient and Chi cuadrado. The vitamin D levels samples were available in 24 patients. Mean blood Vitamin D level was There was not statistically significant patricja between vitamin D level and bone mineral density analysed by Chi Cuadrado p Epidemiologic study of bronchopulmonary mycosis in the province of cordobaargentina.


The data obtained showed a global positivity of The index of positive skin tests with Cryptococcus antigen in Traslasierra was also very high: Assessment of human health risk related to metals by the use of biomonitors in the province of CordobaArgentina. The evaluation of metal contents in the environment is of septmio importance for the assessment of human exposure.

Thus the species Usnea amblyoclada, Ramalina celastri and Tillandsia capillaris were tested as bioaccumulators of transition metals in the urban area of Cordoba city, Argentina. The level of metals on biomonitors was compared to that of total deposition samples. All three species discriminated zones within the urban area of Cordoba city with different pollution levels; they revealed high levels of Zn in the downtown area and confirmed high levels of some transition metals in an industrial area.

The correlation analysis revealed that the lichen R. A significant relationship was also observed between respiratory diseases in children and the contents of metal accumulated in R. Mystic esoteric tourism in Uritorco Zone CordobaArgentina: Full Text Available This article aims to synthesize the social construction and changes held in symbolic representations of Capilla del Monte dwellers, during the last two decades at that tourist area in Cordoba ProvinceArgentina. It will also describe from an ethnographic perspective how esoteric tourists, newcomers from the last migration waves and local authorities collaborated in its own way for the Uritorco Zone development, at the Uritorco Hill, where a peculiar mystic-esoteric discourse has been born combined with narratives of supernatural, ethnic, natural and extra terrestrial issues.

On the use of the lichen Ramalina celastri Spreng. The lichen Ramalina celastri Spreng. In first-ever comparisons, no correlations were found zaarco altitude, physiological parameters and determined elements, which allowed the full comparison of element data in lichen samples throughout the whole survey area.

After the application of Monte Carlo assisted factor analysis to the elemental matrix, five source profiles were found and mapped. The attribution of the sources is discussed. Vanella Ricardo ; C. Lucca Carlos ; J. Pittari Jorge Romero ; F.

The SPC was conceived as a collective and global project of the city as a whole without excessive conflicting.

Argentina is among the Ibero-American countries with the greatest old age population, and is going through a dee of advanced demographic transition. Elderly adults have long been considered a vulnerable group in need of care. The purpose of this work was to problematize the conceptions underlying the care given to the elderly in nursing homes, and the possible slides this involves from a human rights stance.

An approach to this problem was built up by resorting to secondary documentary sources and interviews with key informants located in institutions for the elderly in the Province of Cordoba. This approach revealed a predominantly asylum-oriented conception centered on caring for others as objects, and a noticeable lack of consideration for the elderly as legal subjects, visible in numerous serious infringements of human rights, mostly silenced and rendered invisible.

It seems that to overcome these situations it will be necessary sepptimo merely to review legal loopholes and current programs but also to reconsider the place given to the elderly in society.

Regardless of their age and other social differences, the elderly require the same opportunities to claim full respect and exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Provincial nuclear regulatory authority?: The case of the province of Cordoba.


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