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Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers sont un outil dédié à la recherche artistique. Ils s’ efforcent de créer les conditions nécessaires à des projets qui ne sont pas. 26 Catling and Millett ; Catling and Jones ; Catling et al. .. in the centre of ancient Rome, all sites equipped with sophisticated audio-visual tours. . Katherine Gruel, Gérard Guillier, Bernard Hallégouët, Albert Hesse, Rasmus Birch Florence Mocci, Jean-Laurent Monnier, Eugenia Osipova, Bénédicte Pradat. el’. Points of view or opinions stated in this document do not necessarily represent official OERI Minister Louis St. Laurent brokered a consensus that gained for Canada the right at least to The winner of Canada’s prestigious Guiller Prize for Fictionwas Indian Mr. Smith teaches Canadian Cinema at SUNY.

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Comment utiliser le Workbook? Une prise en compte des besoins de chacun. Fill in an application form. Record a guided tour. F guillir Film a Haunted House tour. Interview Advertise Best Robot your robot. Create a DVD sleeve. F c a trailer. C an you spell Do you like spelling? Can you spell your name?

What is a bee? Today, can you… Prove it! Write some English words you know: Hello, my name is Look at the picture in your textbook for 1 minute. Circle the cinr you remember. Mission 1 6e p. In France, there is a National Spelling Bee contest. Spot the 7 differences. Present the document filling in the blanks with the words above.

Complete his registration form. Can you spell it too? Then, listen to the recording. Read the sentences and match them to the right character. Tick the correct answer.


What is your sonudo My name is Jenny. How old are you? I am 11 years old. Souligne les sujets en rouge et les verbes BE en vert. Pour poser une question avec BE, on utilise: Pay attention to the Spelling Bee contest rules. Spelling Bee contest rules When clne say the word you must spell: Mission 1 1 Your mission is to Mission 2 6e p.

The 7 days of the week have Indian origins.

Items where Year is “” – oatao

Monday is the day of the Move like a crustacean and do the crabby crawl. Some words are different in U. English and British English. You can have a look at your textbook if you need help.

There’s an Elephant Staring at Me () – uniFrance Films

Colour the circle with the colour of the corresponding word. Then, close the book and tick the correct answers. Ask to use the word in a sentence. Change the sequence of letters.

Go over 2 minutes. Can you repeat please? Entoure les verbes en bleu. Y a-t-il un sujet?

Can you spell on utilise le Mission 2 1 Your second mission is to Think about it 6e p. What is your nationality?

Treasure trove 6e p. Then, for each month write the corresponding season. Then spell the names of the object and the corresponding colour. Where do you live? What do you like? Final challenge 6e p.

Create a mindmap with the help of your textbook. In the middle, write the title of the challenge. Then, complete each part of the map with one of these categories.

Complete the instructions act out focus huillier team up with these words. Here are some difficult words from the text. Practice them with your partner. Je peux ralentir la vitesse de lecture pour me concentrer sur les mots nouveaux.


Announce a theme, choose a word and play Hangman! Souligne les mots transparents de la consigne. I choose the theme Je joue au pendu.

Items where Year is “2015”

I give you an A. Is there an A? Circle the verbs, underline the nouns and highlight the adjectives. In the wordcloud below, circle the four parts of the United Kingdom. School subjects School equipment Good things about school Bad things about school The Harry Potter movie poster is I feel new too! In the UK, the equivalent to 6e is In the USA, the equivalent to 6e is Phonology d Uniform selected add colour and prices: Can I help you? How much is it? Here is your horrible hat.

Here is your green blazer. I want two white shirts. Souligne les noms dans les phrases ci-dessus. Entoure les adjectifs qualificatifs. Fill in the mindmap with more ideas to create crazy combinations. Everyone has a pink hat… Pupils have red sunglasses Mission 1 1 Y our first mission is In the UK, the school assembly is in the afternoon.

During the pledge, pupils look at the school emblem. There is a car. There are 2 children. Souligne en rouge les noms au excited singulier et en vert ceux au pluriel. Entoure en sad rouge BE au singulier et en vert BE au pluriel. First, the children are


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