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Manufacturer name, Eltako. Manufacturer number, TLZEV+UC. GTIN, Country of origin, Germany. Customs tariff number, gThe Standardg TLZ12 8E 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12N0 V and TLZ12 8E V+V uC. gThe Allrounderg TLZ12D 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12M V+V uC. g The Simpleg . Also visit TLZ12D V +UC. Eltako Staircase time switch TLZplus 1; 2; 3; 4 Matching products. Eltako Staircase time switchTLZ Manufacturer, Eltako. Manufacturer.

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Post on Dec views. For this reason, direct sales to end-users, e. Special models and non-standard control voltages are only supplied ex works.

Any return is excluded.

The product descriptions on the internet are valid only for newly manufactured devices at that time. Also this print-catalogue is only a snap-shot. Older and newer devices might differ from them. Therefore, only the operation instructions enclosed with the devices are binding. Unless otherwise known, no Eltako contains any substance included on the candidate list.

IIThe performance of our switchgear has become so complex that we have devised pictograms to depicttechnical features of particular importance.

Minimized standby loss of electronic devices supports international efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Now some of our electronic switchgear devices have this capability too. Bistable switching relays help electronic switchgear to reduce heating and current consumption. This prolongs lifetime and reduces or avoids standby loss. After installation the short automatic synchronization in the Off position is carried out, partly at initial operation.

The universal control voltage 8 to V, AC Hz and 10 to V DC, covers the commonly used control voltage range with one device only. We use the international abbreviation UC universal current. Impulse switches for central control offer important basic functions, even if they are not used for central control.

Glow lamps for illumination of pushbuttons in parallel to pushbutton contacts can make life difficult for switchgear. A glow lamp current up to mA is permitted for particular device. Zero passage switching of the mains voltage sinusoidal wave prolongs contact lifetime.

This provides very high switching capacities and the shallow current flow curve protects the connected consumers. This prolongs in particular the lifetime of energy saving lamps ESL. Contactors for an increase in the switching capacity should not be connected in series to this kind of switchgear.

With the Eltako Duplex technology DX the normally potential-free contacts can still switch in zero passage when switching V AC 50Hz and therefore drastically reduce wear. Simply connect the neutral conductor to the terminal N and L to the contact input. This gives an additional standby consumption of only 0. Universal dimmer for R, L and C loads. Other dimmers have to be replaced when luminaires with different kind of loads will be used later on.


Only dimmer switches with an additional ESL marking are optimized for dimmable energy saving lamps. We recommend “Dimmerable” by.! Marking on both the devices and the packing material.

Electronic Impulse SwitchesAThe silent revolutionWithout attracting particular attention by switching noise, the importance of electronic impulse switches with all their variants compared to conventional mechanical versions is growing steadily. They offer a highly reduced switching noise and further attractive advantages, such as multifunction, central control, zero passage switching for AC voltage, minimized control power demand and universal control voltage.

It will be synchronised at rst operation. Then additional standby loss of only 0. Incandescent lamp load up to W. Simply connect the neutral conductor to the terminal N and L to 1 L for this.

This results in an standby consumption of only 0. If the contact is used for controlling switching devices which do not perform zero passage switching themselves, N should not be connected because the additional closing delay otherwise causes the opposite effect.

The simultaneous use of two potentials at the control inputs is not permitted. Very low switching noise. No permanent tl1z2-8e-230v supply necessary, therefore no standby loss.

Eltako Treppenlicht Zeitschalter Tlz12-8e-230v UC

State-of-the-art hybrid technology combines advantages of nonwearing electronic control withhigh capacity of special relays. By using a bistable relay coil power loss and heating is avoided even in the on mode. The relay contact uf be open or closed when putting into operation.

It will be synchronised at first operation. Same terminal connection as the electromechanical impulse switch S If this impulse switch is in a circuit, which is monitored by a FRV mains dis connection relay, no additional base load is required. However, the monitoring voltage of the FRV must be set to ‘max’. Control only through A1-A2. This impulse switch represents the latest generation of electronic switchgear: The electronics does not have an internal power supply and therefore no power is consumed in either the ON position or the OFF position.

A control current flows only during a short control impulse of 0. This activates the microcontroller, reads the last switching state from the non-voltage memory, switches the bistable relay to its opposite state accordingly and rewrites the new switching ucc to memory. Housing for operating instructions GBA12 page Z2.

Recommended retail prices excluding VAT. If N is connected, the zero passage switching is active. Maximum current across both contacts 20A for V.

Off delay impulse switch with switch-off early warning and push-button permanent light switchable. Zero passage switching to protect contacts and lamps. This prolongs in particular the lifetimeof energy saving lamps.

Control voltage V. In addition electrically isolated universal voltage from 8 to Tlz12-8d-230v UC. Supply voltage and switching voltage V. If the function ESV is set, de nitely variable off-delay time RV from 2 to minutes, settable by minute scale. Contact position indication with two LEDs. This starts blinking in case of a blocked push-button not if the function ER is set.


供应ELTAKO 继电器S, XS ES12Z- A6商品图文详情 -慧聪网

Glow lamp current up to mA only at the control input V independent from ignition voltage not if the function ER is set. Relays with suitable functions to feed back the switching voltage signal of a dimmer switch. In case of a power failure the system is disconnected in a preset sequence. The impulse switch automatically disconnects after the set delay is timed out if a manual OFF command has not been given.

In nitely variable time range up to minutes.

During this process reset is possible. This switches off automatically after 2 hours or by an operation longer than 2 seconds. If this impulse switch with integrated relay function is in a circuit, which is monitored by a FRV mains dis connection relay, no additional base load is required.

This halves the number of types and increases the stock turnover. Technical data page A This results in an additional standby consumption of only 0. Universal control voltage 8 to V UC. Supply voltage is same as the control voltage.

They are indicated on the display and can be blocked if required. The accrued switch-on time is continuously displayed. First in hours hthen in months m with 1 digit after the decimal point. By using bistable relays coil power loss and heating is avoided even in the on mode. The switched consumer may not be connected to the mains before the short automatic synchronisation after installation has terminated.

Only impulse switch functions: Settings under RSM in the menu guidance. No local control refer to function RS. Relay with alternating closing contactsThe control inputs A1 and A3 have the same functions except for 2xS, 2xR and RS, if not used as central control inputs.

After setting the required function, the function can be blocked. An arrow on the right of the abbreviation indicates the blocking status.

Central control priorities selectable.

Tlz12 free download, or read Tlz12 online

Local universal control voltage 8 to V UC. Supply voltage same as the local control voltage. Glow lamp current starting at V control voltage up to 50 mA in positions 1 to 3 and 5 to 7 of the rotary switch.

Maximum tlz12-8e-30v across both contacts 20 A for V. Contact position indication with LED.

With the upper rotary switch this impulse switch can be partly or completely excluded fromcentral control:


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