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A biography of New Thought writer Frank Channing Haddock, best known for his Power-Book Library which included the Power of Will, Power for Success, etc. Power of Will has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. Three parts embracing the Theory and Practice of a Growing Will; Direct Control of the Personal. 1 quote from Frank Channing Haddock: ‘Personal life is a play between powers without and powers within the central function of Will. Personal life ends in.

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I deny that I am unhappy or depressed. It is neither that of Business and Financial achievement, as we studied in the First Division of the course, nor is it that of Success and Magnetism as was taught in the Second Division. Bob added it Jul 27, Continuous, intense affirmation of actual possessed magnetic power stimulates the success-elements, maintains receptivity, emphasizes demand, harmonizes and intensifies inner etheric vibrations, and induces a positive movement of the universal ether and its forces inward toward the central self.

This page was last updated: It never reveals personal embarrassment. You may thus possess physical health without physical magnetism.

This is the edition. The culture of magnetism imperatively demands that central adjustment of the self to all powers which realizes in absolute psychic freedom.

The purpose is four-fold. Pyramid of Moral Health. Telepathy and psychometry are related to its etheric explanation alone. If you project surface II through to surface IV, you are magnetic. Quotes from Power of Will. All may acquire dauntless yet serene courage. Growth of noblest magnetism depends, in the larger sense, upon general adherence to a single, preeminent, ideal life-purpose, and, in the particular sense, upon specialization of the individual in studied magnetic conduct related to that end.


If you come to harmony with the White Life, your fears will vanish because you will then share in the Courage of the Eternal Good.

In minds has begun the swing and heave of the sea. Physical magnetism is not wholly indispensable to psychic magnetism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One reason for this is the common misunderstanding of what fear really is.

Biography of Frank Channing Haddock ()

But the true signal is instinctive and thoughtful reason. I affirm buoyant happiness as my present possession.

I affirm the great truth: It is a building process. He moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsinwhere he established himself as an attorney. I deny channign the Universe is not for me. Relation of Power to “Tone. Psychic Magnetism assists Physical Health; 9. You neither look for slights and insults, nor do you feel them, unless they are persistently thrust upon you.

Some will be able to claim more than others, but they will err if they assume themselves to be favorites, and the “others” will do worse than err if they complain, “We, alas, are down on our luck.

I affirm health to be my rightful claim. Love and reason alone can take care of man, so far as his own efforts are concerned. The World’s New Dawn.

Power of Will

A few suggestions are, nevertheless, now offered as indicators of the larger possible treatment,–remembering that our field is not general success alone, nor pure magnetism alone, but is the condensed subject, Success-Magnetism. This book has promised no miracle. But remember– should discouragement seek to dog your steps — every great structure requires the process of time.


Minor Cornerwear and some fading to spine. I affirm that spirituality is true freedom. In the application of magnetism to any task, intense, persistent demand upon the Universal Forces swings them directly into the effort. I am the spirit of the soul Harmonic with the Perfect Whole.

Return to Book Page. With Opportunity leading “captivity captive,” And the stars urging on to achievement, And the Sun, breeding life triumphant ; With heart courageous and faith almighty To fare forth and possess the whole world!

Magnetism enhances through beauty of personal surroundings,–in cleanliness, order, adornment, art, literature, music, and the like. Success-Magnetism conquers the influence frani deep-seated natural antipathies only by avoiding their causes. The highest magnetism realizes through magnetic laws in rrank as the inner self maintains alert receptivity to the Universal Forces.

Furthermore, fear is, now of the nerves, now of the mind, now of the moral consciousness. Physical health is indispensable to physical magnetism; 2.


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