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George Chrystal FRSE FRS(8 March – 3 November ) was a Scottish mathematician. He is primarily remembered for his books on algebra and for his. George Chrystal is perhaps best known for his book on algebra. The first volume of the book, whose full title is Algebra: An Elementary Textbook for the Higher. Author: G. Chrystal; Category: Algebra; Length: Pages; Year: Trigonometry, Logarithms, Coordinate Geometry, Calculusby. George Howe.

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Chrystal Introduction to Algebra: For the Use of Secondary Schools and Technical Colleges is the third edition of a textbook that is intended georfe be an elementary introduction to algebra for students.

Chrystal’s textbook is structured as most textbooks are with each chapter dedicated to a different topic. Topics include generalized arithmetic, fundamental laws of algebra, graphical representations of functions of a single variable, elementary theory of integral functions, irrational functions, ratio and proportion, and many more.

The author does a good job of covering all of the basics of algebra and each topic is presented alongside a series of study questions to be completed by students, with correct answers appearing at the back of the book. The book progresses logically through the mathematical principles, with the basic and foundational theories presented first and the more advanced principles appearing near the end of the book.


Introduction to Algebra

This is a valuable resource for the mathematics learner. Either be it for home study, or in a classroom Introduction to Algebra is an interesting and useful guide. I have gone as far as I dared, in the face of existing examination programmes, geirge cutting out book-work which has nothing to do with elementary theory or with practice.

In particular, I have excluded the treatment of subjects that depend on the theory of limits and convergency. The premature introduction of such subjects with loose and even misleading or false demonstrations has been one of the most glaring defects of our elementary mathematical text-books.

Algebra : an elementary text-book for the higher classes of secondary schools and for colleges

In this respect it is scarcely too much to georhe that many of them are half a century behind the age. Not only is teaching of this kind a waste of time, but it is an absolute obstruction to further progress. How deplor able the results are is well known to every examiner and university teacher. Registered in England and Wales. Terms of Use Privacy Policy.


Books by George Chrystal (Author of Algebra)

Algebra for Alyebra by Henry Sinclair Hall. Higher Algebra by Herbert E. Unified Mathematics by Louis Charles Karpinski. The Elements of Algebra by George Lilley.

Advanced Course in Algebra by Webster Wells. Indian Mathematics by George Rusby Kaye. Introduction to Infinite Series by William F. De La Grange by Leonhard Euler. Linear Algebras by L. Complex Roots of Polynomial Equations by B. Algenra of Vector Algebra by Ludwik Silberstein. A High School Algebra by J. Graphical Calculus by Arthur Henry Barker.


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