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Hackers TOEIC Start Listening

Unit — One, two, three! Can you tell me? Is it sunny, raining, snowing, or windy?

What day is it today? Showtime Optional Lesson 7: In this triinh, children: Young children have short attention spans and need a variety of activities if they are to stay focused Activities should be organized and presented in different ways to keep children alert and interested If children are allowed to get bored, they become very difficult to manage Repeat nursery rhymes, stories, songs, etc.: Young children love the familiar It is therefore frinh good idea to repeat a favorite song, rhyme, story or activity for as long as children are actively engaged The primary goal of teaching at this level is to instill a love for the English language in children Physical activity: It is quite common for young children not to produce anything during the initial stages This period of adjustment should not alarm teachers Teachers need to bear in mind that such children will be absorbing the new language and will reproduce it naturally in their own time Be fair: Teachers should have a standard set of rules which should be followed at all times, in all circumstances, and without exception Young children have a very keen sense of fairness and need to feel their teacher likes them all equally A teacher at this level should take the following into consideration: Teachers can draw up starteer table with the names of each child on a large piece of cardboard paper and each time a child does something worth rewarding, e.


Kenny is strter Be quiet, startef

Show children flashcards of four items to be reviewed Ask children to put the four flashcards face down on the board, and the color flashcards above them Then ask them to close their eyes Ask children to open their eyes, and invite one child to choose a color and guess what flashcard is underneath that color, e. In more advanced classes, ask for volunteers to give the instructions to the rest of the class As a variation, give instructions such as Jump to the hands!

Play Sock it to Me! Yes Sometimes Seldom Make as many photocopies as you need and complete the charts as indicated Write the names of the activities you are going to evaluate, e.


Grade and comments 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Evaluation criteria: Were the children willing to participate? Did the children enjoy the unit? Which song did the children like best?


Which activity did the children like best? Did sttarter use any supplementary materials, e. Bang phan phoi bai giang happy heart starter cho tre 4 5 tuoi 8


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