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I don’t see a great deal of comments on handywrite. I’m looking to learn a form of shorthand for note making (class and creative/journaling). Is it true that Handywrite is superior to Gregg in terms of being able to unambiguously represent regular text or speech in short form? thx. Has anyone tried Handywrite? It’s kinful to Gregg, with some added stuff. I like a few of the ideas, but some of the vowels seem kinda funky.

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The IH sound in “bit” before R sounds close to long E as it does in beer, dear, sere dried upbut is not as distinct as it is in “seer” a person who sees. Since you have been taught to pay attention to 26 letters and not the actual sounds of English, tuning in to speech sounds may take some time, but can also be quite interesting and fun.

Handywrite Lessons 1-7

So much for the overview. The main problem is no serious person that has mastered the system and could do a real makeover to it. Here are abbreviations selected from the most common words listed in their order of frequency. Using the international based characters with English would look like this:. Handywrite Story How Handywrite came to be.


Try out the alternatives and see what feels best for you. Skip to content Has anyone tried Handywrite? Handywrite does the opposite which is very interesting but simply not helpful.

Blissymbolics And now for something really different. Theres really not much to say about it, its a very amateur rewrite of Gregg which would have serious speed barriers. A forward or upward hook represents the sound of long O as in “hope”.

I don’t see a great deal of comments on handywrite.

Differences between Gregg and Handywrite? – Gregg Shorthand

The most common words, prefixes, suffixes, and phrases. Keyscript Learn a bit about this relatively new alphabetic shorthand. With other sounds, English speakers have the same impairment. You just take the most common words and shorten them to their most dominant sound or sounds.


Speedwriting Learn about this alphabetic shorthand. My own conclusion then is that there is a basic tradeoff between unambiguity and speed. For example “bl” or “fr. Better to start with something that is already fast and go from there.

Unifon A one sound one letter alphabet. Shorthanf you might also want to add accents for long vowels. Submit a new link. Since the distinction is rarely required, using the clockwise circle for words like “tall,” “bought” or “broad” creates no confusion just as pronouncing them ahorthand an AW or AH sound would be heard as the same word by almost everyone.


It is useful to assign the sounds in the Handywrite phonetic alphabet to keyboard characters that are quick to type.

Handywrite Lessons Part One: I think the hardest things are: Note that when writing this symbol there is always at least one sharp angle between it and a consonant hnadywrite distinguish it from the vowels and which may also be tear shaped handywriet they sometimes blend in with two consonants— in which case there is no angle. Since you already know most of the characters, learning a few more will allow you to type words phonetically.

Handywrite Lessons Part 1: An alternative handwriting system.

Next time you’re around an English teacher or other language expert, argue this point ad nausium until they concede.

Gregg sacrifices the former for the latter; Handywrite does the opposite. To be fair, you always have the option of writing things in Gregg without using abbreviations or hqndywrite forms.

Teeline Shorthand Learn about this system of shorthand.


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