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Citation: Matsuyama, Frank A. How to use the yawara stick for police. Berkeley, URI/DOI: Rights: The use of the digitized . Why You Should Learn to Use the Palm Stick for the purpose of self defense ( also called a kubotan or yawara stick in Japanese systems and an olisii palad or . Author: Matsuyama F. A. Title: How to use the Yawara stick Year: Link download: How the.

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Continuing the follow uwe, the Officer pushes the elbow sharply with the Yawara stick, up, forward, then down, forcing the ad- versary down, and at the same time twisting his wrist continuously in the direction which brings the elbow for- ward.

And second, the majority of the time there are more effective targets than the arm.

It is hard-in fact, almost impossible-for anyone to wrest it from an Officer’s grasp. Officer then grabs extended fingers of ad- versary, bends them down- atick and backward. To walk him away, the Officer puts adversary’s elbow back of his own left hip and steps away from adversary as in D Yswara unlike guns, larger sticks, and knives, some version of a palm stick a flashlight or pen for example can be carried even when traveling to areas where weapons are not allowed, including on planes.

Officer then leads adversary away on his knees as shown.

Matsuyama F. A. – How to use the Yawara stick – Aryana Libris

Officer then lilts upward at collar while pulling up at the crotch and pushes adversary forward. From my own experience and from discussions with various Chiefs of Police and other Enforcement Officers, I learned that it was not- uncommon for Officers to have their saps, billies, night-sticks or other weapons taken from them, particularly when apprehending two or more persons.

N-l Adversary grabs Officer with left hand as shown. Officer strikes adversary on chin with Yawara stick as shown.

Continuing the follow through, the Officer hooks the Yawara stick around the ieft ankle of the adversary, completely upsetting him. See more on kali and eskrima. If adversary’s right hand is at back of Offi- cer’s collar, Officer turns right and usf blow to solar -plexus with Yawara stick in right hand.


This weapon should be required equipment for every police- man, especially the plain clothes officers of the police service. What you don’t want are such large holes in your techniques that you invite catastrophic failure, where you are knocked out or worse due to an opening that need not have existed. It is because I want to help you, our Guardians of Law and Order, that I have developed the Yawara stick and published this manual of instructions.

If ad- versary attempts to grab Of- ficer s arm with either or both hands, the Officer raps adversary’s hands sharply and squeezes neck tightly by tensing the arm muscles. Officer simultaneously stck upward with back of his left wrist gradually turning his wrist until his hand is in a palm forward position.

R-3 Officer straightens up. Both lights are extraordinarily bright 10 times as bright as a 2 D Cell Maglightand easily capable of blinding an attacker with night adapted vision. A Police Sergeant whom 1 knew very wall had a severe and prolongad fight with an adver- sary In making an arrest. You’ll also see instructors teaching to strike the limbs when attacked with various grabs and chokes. How to use the Yawara stick Year: Schwab Alexander – Mushrooming without fear Author: W-2 Officer follows through, push- ing elbow of adversary up- ward and over, then down- ward with the Yawara stick and at the same time twisting his wrist continuously in die direction which brings the elbow forward as in D Yet it is so flexible in its use that it can be used in either hand, forward or backward, or at any angle, with equal effectiveness.

Palm Stick for Self Defense

Additionally, striking the opponent’s arm doesn’t stop him from hitting you in the head with his other hand:. The tactical flashlight us a palm stick can also blind an attacker at night, and the pen as a palm stick can be used as a dagger. This is particularly effective U culprit attempts to fight. With the Yawara stick I have endeavored to make arrest easier, stuck, more humane, and with less exertion on the part of the Officer.

Tins action is similar to that shown in suc- cessive stages on photographs D-3, 4 and yawqra. It is hard— in fact, almost impossible— for anyone to wrest it from an Officer’s grasp. This l s a rear view of the hold shown in J The Yawara stick it better appearing, very inconspicuous, and is not objectionable to stifk public— even when it is being used. Officer immediately grabs left wrist of adversary with his left hand He then brings the Yawara stick into use. Non— If Officer is left- handed he may prefer to use this same hold on adversary’s right hand.


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Should anyone attempt to take the Yawara stick from the Officer, these “spikes” will leave a very telling murk. Par Aryana, mercredi 20 novembre As instructor of Police, Police Departments, Police Schools and numerous Law Enforcement bodies, it became apparent that there was a great need for a police weapon which sticm offer more than ample protection to Police Officers, with a minimum possibility of injury to the person or persons on whom it was used.

The Yawara stick is very effective, easy to carry, easy to learn how to use, and easy to remember. Officer now twists hand of adversary backward and downward as in Q-3, and leads him from car. Although it may hurt to get struck in the arm, there are two serious problems with this. Armes et explosifs Tbe Martiaux. Otherwise Officer proceeds to H This new Police weapon is small, compact and easy to carry.

Palm Stick

Officer strikes back of hand or knuckles of adversary, as shown, instead of head. Officer may use blow to ribs, kidney or crotch instead of to solar – plexus if be prefers. For the Officer who wants to do his job better and enjoy the good health and happiness to which he is entitled upon retirement, the Yawara stick is the proper “tool” for his Police job.

Officer grabs collar tightly, pushing upward as he shoves the Yawara stick into adver- sary’s kidney.


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