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Easy installation for Windows. ○. HP drivers. ◦. Printer driver. ◦. Scan driver. ◦. Fax driver. ○. HP MFP software. ◦. HP LaserJet Scan program. ◦. HP Fax Send Fax. User manual for the device HP (Hewlett-Packard) LaserJet Mf MFP. Online user manual database. HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet Mf: User Guide. Laserjet,Color Laserjet Mf All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Cba, Laserjet m

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The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.

Software installation types for Windows Software installation types for Macintosh Product comparison The product is available in the following configuration.

HP LaserJet Mf Multifunction Printer User Guides | HP® Customer Support

The HP Customer Participation program is optional. The most recent drivers are available at www. Depending on the configuration of Windows-based computers, the installation program for the maual software automatically checks the computer for Internet nanual in order to obtain the latest drivers. Control-panel walkaround Fax controls. Use the fax controls to change commonly used fax settings. Use the alphanumeric buttons to type data into the product control-panel display and dial telephone numbers for faxing.

Setup and cancel controls. Use these controls to select menu options, determine the product status, and cancel the current job.

Control-panel menus Use the control-panel menus To gain access to the control-panel menus, use the following steps. Use the arrow buttons to manaul the listings.

Control-panel main menus These menus are available from the control-panel main menu: Table Fax functions menu continued Menu item Description Polling receive Allows the product to call another fax machine that has polling send enabled. Clear saved faxs Clears all faxes in the product memory. Table Reports menu continued Menu Item Sub-menu item Sub-menu item Description Fax Reports Fax Confirmation Never Sets whether or not the product prints a laserjef report after a successful sending or receiving job.

Send fax only Receive fax Every fax Fax Error report Every error Sets whether or not the product prints a report after a Resolution Fine Sets the resolution for sent documents. Higher resolution images have more dots per inch dpiso they show more Superfine detail. Lower resolution images have fewer dots per inch and show less detail, but the file size is smaller. The following options are available: The product automatically answers an incoming call on the configured number of rings.

The blocked fax list can contain up to 30 numbers. When the product receives a call from Delete entry one of the blocked fax numbers, it deletes the incoming fax. Open the printer driver and change the print settings Operating System To change the settings for all To change the default settings To change the device print jobs until the software for all print manuzl configuration settings program is closed WindowsXP, On the File menu in the Click Start, click Settings, Use this option to select which software and drivers to install.


Click Uninstall, and then follow the onscreen instructions to remove the software. Chapter 3 Software for Windows Use the Apple PostScript printer driver that comes with the computer. If the CD menu does not run automatically, double-click the CD icon on the desktop. Follow the instructions on the computer screen. Use features in the Macintosh printer driver Print Create and use printing presets in Macintosh Use printing presets to save the current printer driver settings for reuse.

Create a printing preset On the File menu, click Print. Select the print settings. On the File menu, click Laswrjet. Open the Watermarks menu.

Next to Mode, select the type of watermark to use. Select Watermark to print a semi-transparent message. After one side has been printed, remove the remaining media from the input tray, and set it aside until after you finish the duplexing job.

Without changing the orientation, remove the printed stack from the output bin, and then straighten the stack. Scanning tasks To scan to a software program, scan an item using the program itself. Fax a document from a Macintosh computer In the software program, on the File menu, select Print.

Enter a fax number in the To field. To include a fax cover page, select Use Cover Page, and then enter the cover page subject and message optional. Do not connect the USB cable from the product to the computer until the installer prompts you to do so. Insert the product CD into your computer. If the software installer does not start, navigate to the setup. Premature wear on the product, requiring repair For best results, use only HP-brand paper and print media designed for laser printers.

Do not use paper or print media made for inkjet printers. Hewlett-Packard Company cannot recommend the use of other brands of media because HP cannot control their quality.

Supported paper and print media sizes This product supports a number of paper sizes, and it adapts to various media. To obtain best print results, select the appropriate paper size and type in the print driver before printing. Table Supported paper and print media sizes Size Dimensions HP LaserJet printers use fusers to bond dry toner particles to the paper in very precise dots. HP laser paper is designed to withstand this extreme heat.

Using inkjet paper not designed for this technology could damage your printer. HP paper that has been approved for use in this product. Media guides ensure that the media feeds correctly into the product and that the print is not skewed. Tray 1 has side and rear media guides.

When loading media, adjust the media guides to match the length and width of the media that you are using. When you add new media, make sure that you remove all of the media from the input tray and straighten the stack of new media.

Configure trays To set the default paper size or type from the control panel, complete the following steps. Configure trays for copy jobs On the product control panel, press Setup. Use the arrow buttons to select System setup, and then press OK.


HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet M1319f User Manual

Use the arrow keys to select Paper setup, and then press OK. Print tasks This section provides information about common printing tasks. Change the print driver to match the media type and size Selecting media by type and size results in significantly better print quality for heavy paper, glossy paper, and overhead transparencies.

Using the wrong setting can result in unsatisfactory print quality. Always print by Type for special print media, such as labels or transparencies. Get help for any print option Printer-driver Help is separate from program Help. Cancel a print job If the print job is currently printing, cancel it by pressing Cancel on the product control panel.

Pressing Cancel clears the job that the product is currently processing. If more than one process is running, pressing Cancel clears the process that currently appears on the product control panel.

Right-click the driver icon, and then select Properties. Create booklets You can copy two pages on one sheet of paper so you can fold the pages in the center to form a booklet.

The device arranges the pages in the correct order. For example, if the original document has eight pages, the device prints pages 1 and 8 on the same sheet.

Print on special media Make sure that the 1m319f or print media that you are using meets HP specifications. Generally, smoother paper provides better results. Open the media input tray and remove any media.

Make sure that the top of the media is forward and the side to be printed on is facing up. Use different paper and print covers On the File menu in the software program, click Print.

Select the driver, and then click Properties or Preferences.

HP LaserJet M1319f Multifunction Printer Troubleshooting

Click Use different paper. Select the pages that you want to use to print specific pages on different paper. To print front or back covers, select Add Blank or Preprinted Cover. Resize documents Use the document resizing options to scale a document to a percentage of its normal size.

You can also choose to print a document on a different size paper, with or without scaling. Reduce or enlarge a document On the File menu in the software program, click Print. Set the print orientation On the File menu in the software program, click Print. On the Finishing tab, select either Portrait or Landscape in the Orientation section. Print on both sides of the paper duplex printing NOTE: The printer driver m1319g contains instructions and graphics for manually duplexing.

In the software program, open the properties printer driver. Manuall the Print on Both Sides option is dimmed or unavailable, open the properties printer driver.


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