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INTERNSHIP REPORT BANKING IN PAKISTAN Monetary policy and banking system play an important role in the development of all economic. is always presents quality of internship report on Askari bank limited accordance to all universities in Pakistan. Askari Bank Ltd (Islamic Banking Branch) Submittd by:Ailiya Rizvi BBA(Hons) Session: Department Of Management S.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Final Askari Bank Report Hamza. I am indebted to all my colleagues, friends, especially staff of the AKBL branch Sahiwal, without their help I would not be able to learn and perform well in the period of my internship learning. Whenever I asked from them. Every person in branch gave me special attention and guide me every time. It is also a great pleasure to record honorable regards to all those who helped us lot in learning and enhancing our knowledge and ability during the report.

Finally for all possible errors, omissions and shortcomings in writing of this report only we are responsible for which we hope that all concerning regards of this report will forgive us. Especially I dedicate my work to my parents, from whom I have received a great inspiration and boost for doing this important work.

I dedicate my work to all my friends and colleagues who really helped me to perform this work. May Allah bless all of them. The economic health of any country can be checked by having a look at its banking sector. Also the banks mobilize the savings of the people in to other projects, thus such series of further investment brings boom to the economy and open more jobs.

Askari bank establishment in Pakistan gave banking sector a new horizon. Askari Commercial Bank limited continues to scale new onternship in bannk areas of its operations. A main portion of the report consists of my findings and task that I have performed during my Internship and also I have observed the working of the other people in the bank also mentioned in this report.

I have done work in various Departments of the Rreport bank and learn about the activities which are performed in these Departments. Last portion of my report is consist on ratio analysis, SWOT analysis, Conclusion and recommendation.

After true finding, core result, I have also suggested some necessary recommendation according to my observation. I had a great experience to learn about this new banking system and the future of this banking is seemed to be very strong in coming years due to its increasing trend. It commenced operations on April I,and is principally engaged in the business of banking.

The Askari Bank Limited is working from many years in Pakistan. This organization helps in rdport, economy of the country and public in many categories. Internhsip provides all help in all fields of loans, mortgages etc. The Bank is a Scheduled principally engaged in the business of banking as defined in the Banking Companies Ordinance, A shared network of over on-line Kn covering all major cities in Pakistan supports the delivery channels for customer services.

Since inception, the bank has concentrated on growth through improving service quality, investment in technology and people, utilizing its extensive branch network which includes Islamic and agricultural banking. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the way we do business.

Internship Report on Askari Bank

In order to fulfill our CSR objectives, we attempt to promote public interest by encouraging community growth and development through sponsoring social service events, supporting education, sports and environment and also contribute in socio-cultural activities. Commencement of Business The Bank obtained its business commencement certificate on February 26, am started operations from April 01, Just 7 branches at the start of were working, but now in whole Pakistan more than branches of Askari Bank Limited are functioning.


The branch network is connected on-line real-time. The system of regional and Area offices has been introduced since for effective supervision and control of branches. The scope of the system also spans the development and management of Bank’s business and activities on regional basis.

A distinctive investment, delivering outstanding performance, return and value Fairness: Exemplary compliance, governess and business ethics Teamwork: Caring for our people and helping them to grow Service: Dedication towards social development and improvement in quality of life.

There are various departments working under the policies of the bank. Askari Bank Sahiwal Branch also working askair various departments which are working for the convenience of their customers.

Internship Report on Askari Bank 2017 (New)

Head of the department manages each department and officials of the branch to follow the procedure. The account opening department is the main department in the banks. At bano time of opening an account of customer intrnship made preliminary investigation of customer because of following reasons: Types of Account Opening Form 1. Size of locker Rent of locker Rs. Mainly export deals with: After comparing internshiip delivery asskari with documents received in clearing and verifies the totals.

She totals the receipts in the summary strike a balance showing the net amount due to or from the bank and hands over the same to the supervisor of Clearing House for authentication. All instruments received in inward clearing are entered individually in the Inward Clearing Register and totaled for counter checking. The instruments received in Inward Clearing are also checked on the following counts: Any instruments to be returned unpaid in clearing are returned the same day through 2nd session of the Clearing House i.

The returned instruments are returned along with cheque Returning Memo and the reason for returning repor cheque is given on the memo which is signed by an authorized concerned officer. The cheque returned is entered in the Cheques Returned Register as per columns of the said Register. The remarks of returning the cheque are also given in the remarks column against the entry of the relevant cheque in the Inward Clearing Register.

The Pay-in-Slip is stamped on both parts, with the clearing stamp dated for next working day, putting his signatures beneath the stamp. The pay-in-slip along with the instrument is passed on to the concerned authorized checking officer for his signature on the pay-in-slip and discharge.

After his signature the counter-foil is handed over to the depositor. All instruments received over the counter and from branches for outward-clearing are entered in the Outward Clearing Sheet. All columns of the Sheet are filled-in for each instrument received for outward clearing. In case an itnernship has been received from any other branch of the bank, asksri name of the branch is mentioned in the column for name of depositor.

All instruments received for outward clearing is sorted bank-wise.

internship report on askari-bank

Bank-wise schedules is prepared in duplicate and bankk individually. The grand totals of all schedules, amount and number of instruments, must agree with the totals as per Outward Clearing Sheet.

A bank-wise summary of all outward clearing is prepared as per bank-wise schedule, on the form and the total number of instruments; their amount is mentioned in the relevant printed columns. One copy of schedule is received back from other banks representative after obtaining his acknowledgement.


Forms of lending Banks generally lend in the form of askaei credits, overdrafts and loans. The bankers prefer such securities which do not run the risk of general depreciation due to market fluctuations. Hypothecation When property in the goods is charged as security for a loan from the bank but the ownership and possession is left with the borrower, the goods are said to be hypothecated. Guarantees When an applicant for an advance cannot offer any tangible security, the banker may rely on personal guarantees to protect himself against loss on advances or overdraft to the applicant.

Indemnity A contract by which one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself or by any other person is called a contract of indemnity.

Classification of Credit Facilities The credit facilities extended by the bank are classified as: Funds Based Credit Facilities In such type of facilities the bank provides finance to its customers. Askari Commercial Bank makes numerous types of funds based advances to its customers. A few of important advances are discussed below. A current account is opened and the conduct of this account is kept under review for a period of three to six months. The borrower can draw cheques on his current account but maximally up to the amount of limit sanctioned to him.

The amount outstanding against the borrower is shown as debit in the account for a partial amount. The markup zskari charged on the basis of Daily Products of the amount outstanding. In majority of cases this finance is allowed against pledge of stock cash crops. For this account the separate cheque book is askaei to the borrower. Term Finance It is a loan account opened in the name of the borrower. The amount of finance is distributed in lump sum. The repayment of Term Finance is usually in installments and besides other documents a letter of installments is taken from the borrower at asskari time of disbursement.

By that letter, the borrower binds himself to pay the installments at regular intervals.

The amount of installments includes principal plus markup for repayment period. Contingent Non-Fund Based Facilities In such type of facilities, the bank provides only guarantee to third party on behalf of its customers.

Types of non-funded credit facilities: Letter of Credit Baank. In this letter generally a date is fixed up to only the addressee should make which advances. Thus a letter of credit remains in force up to a certain date only.

Generally, banks grant this letter of credit. Internsip of Guarantee Guarantees issued by the Bank are classified under two broad categories. Financial Guarantee Where the bank guarantees the fulfillment of a financial commitment on behalf of customer.

The main function of the remittance Department is to transfer money from one place to another. By providing these services to the customer, bank earns a lot of money. Also customers become able to meet its day to day financial requirements.

This Department deals with the local currency transfer only. AKBL provides these services to both customers and non-customers. Instruments of Remittance Department The remittance department main function is to transfer money from one place to another.


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