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KESEDIAAN MURID SEKOLAH MENENGAH TERHADAP PELAKSANAAN PENTAKSIRAN BERASASKAN SEKOLAH DALAM MATA PELAJARAN BAHASA . Pelaksanaan pentaksiran berasaskan sekolah (PBS) disekolah-sekolah kebangsaan sekitar Gelang Patah, Johor Jurnal Pendidikan Malaysia, 34(1), 67– Pelaksanaan Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah Di Kalangan Guru Tingkatan Tiga. . Ke arah pentaksiran Matematik yang Holistik, Jurnal Pendidikan UTM, Jilid.

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A total of science teachers from 21 secondary schools in Batang Padang District, Perak, Malaysia were involved in this survey. The data from the questionnaires and survey were analyzed using descriptive statistics and statistical inference.

Frequency distribution with mean scores and percentages and Pentakwiran correlation analysis were used. Results showed that the dimensions of context, input and product are at a moderate level while the level of process dimension is high.


Hypothesis is also accepted, there is no significant relationship between the level of dimensional context, input, process and product in the implementation sekopah SBA with teaching experience.

Analysis of the interviews showed that most respondents agree that there are advantages of SBA, thus is suitable with the aim of Malaysia to create a world-class human capital.

In conclusion, this study provides new contributions to teachers in Malaysia to implement SBA effectively through training, courses, monitoring and ongoing support from Ministry Of Education. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 3 Pelaksanaan pentaksiran berasaskan sekolah: Barak M and Shakhman L Students’ conceptions of assessment: Principles, Policy and Practice, 15 1: The Historical Development of Program Evaluation: Exploring the Past and Present.

Tahap Kefahaman Kriteria Dan RUJUKAN

Online Journal of Workforce Education and Development, 2 4: Kouritzin SG and Vizard C Preservice ESL teachers respond to evaluation practices. TESL Canada journal, 17 1: Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris.

Jurnal Pendidikan Sains and Matematik Malaysia, 2 1: The use of experimental design in educational evaluation. Journal of Educational Measurement, 8 4: A tool for applying the fifth installment of the CIPP model to assess long-term enterprises.


Penilaian kemajuan berasaskan sekolah kaedah kerja kursus sejarah – UKM Journal Article Repository

Retrieved 11 JulyAvailable online at: The CIPP model for evaluation. Theory, Models and Applications. Pentaksiran berasaskan sekolah PBS di Malaysia:


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