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Kalnirnay Gujarati is a Free Tools Application for Android, Offered by Kalnirnay with Mb, Download Apk or install from Google. July Gujarati calendar showing festivals, holidays, Gujarati panchang and choghadiya. July corresponds to the Gujarati months of Ashadha – Shravana. September Gujarati calendar showing festivals, holidays, Gujarati panchang and choghadiya. September corresponds to the Gujarati months of Bhadarvo.

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Vikram Samvat Gujarati year of Gujarati Calendar — August.

Gujarati Calendar — September. Gujarati Calendar — October. Gujarati Calendar — November.

Gujarati Calendar — December. Click here for year Gujarati calendar. Gujarati calendar begins a day after Diwali. Days in Gujarati calendar are pronounced like this: In general there are three seasons in India which are winter, summer and monsoon. They are respectively called Shiyaalo, Unaalo and Chomaasu in Gujarati gujarahi. However there are sub seasons too in each season.


Kalnirnay Gujarati 2014

Similary Jeth and Ashadh are the months of Grishma or Summer. Gujarati Vikram Samvat Calendar is around year ahead of Christian calendar.

To calculate the present Christian year, 57 years should be subtracted from the Indian year if the date is between starting of the Indian year and the end of the Kalnirnwy year i. If the date falls between the beginning of the Western year and the end of the Indian year i.

Gujarati Vikram Samvat calendar uses a solar year but divides it into 12 lunar months, each consisting 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 3 seconds. All together a lunar year of days 8 hours 48 minutes and 36 seconds. In Gujarati Hindu Vikram Samvat Calendar seasons are as per the sun, months as per the moon and days as per both the sun and the moon.

Gujarati Calendar July, | Vikram Samvat , Ashadha, Shravana

Lunar days or tithis can have various lengths. Not only this but sometimes a tithi is omitted or sometime two continuous days share the same tithi.


This is because in Gujarati Calendar the days are calculated using the difference of the longitudinal angle between the position of the sun and moon. On the other hand in Nepal where Vikram Samvat is official calendar the new year begins in the middle of April. Currently we are releasing only November August calender pages.

All the other months pages will be released soon. Your suggestions are welcome. Related Stories Gujarati Calendar


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