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اولین و بهترین کانال آشپزی در یوتیوب با میلیون ها بازدید کننده. هم اکنون عضو کانال ما شوید!. آشپزي غذا خوراك خوراكي خوردني آشپزخانه تغذيه غذايي Roza Montazemi ashpazi cooking ashpaz ghaza irani fooding sandwich. cook cooking cookery ashpazi food fooding آشپزي غذا خوراك خوراكي خوردني آشپزخانه تغذيه غذايي نجف دريابندري.

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Ketab -e- mostatab e ashpazi: Secretariat of the Council of the Cultural Revolution; Anti-inflammatory properties of dietary flavonoids.

Nutr Hosp ; 22 3: Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of rosa damascena hydroalcoholic extract and its essential oil in animal models.

Iran J Pharm Res ; 9 2: Effects of sesamol,sesamin, and sesamolin extracted from roasted sesame oil on the thermal oxidation of methyl linoleate. Sesame lignans enhance antioxidant activity of vitamin E keetabe lipid peroxidation systems. Mol Cell Biochem ; Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Abstract Rose oil Rowghan-e Gol is an Iranian traditional medicine used both topical and systemic in gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease, headache, and hemorrhoids.


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The aim of this article was to study both traditional methods of rose oil preparation in terms of physicochemical factors to evaluate which method is best for industrializing. For this purpose, total phenolics based on gallic acidtotal essential oils based on citronellolthin layer chromatography TLC profile of ashhpazi constituents, and oil rancidity indices, i.

R1 had greater amounts of total phenolics 0. The amount of its essential oil was About oil rancidity indices, both samples were in standard ranges but all indices of R1 were greater than R2. It could be due to long exposure of R1 to sunlight. According to the results, R1 had ketbe amounts of flavonoids and essential oils.

Najaf Daryābandarī (Author of ketab e mostatab e ashpazi)

These compounds are considered as therapeutic agents of rose oil. Therefore, R1 is a more preferable than R2. Appropriate antioxidants should be utilized to protect R1 against sunlight oxidation.


The complete guide to medicinal herbs. Key Porter Books; Asypazi 1, No 2 Spring Also the journal allow the author s to retain publishing rights without restrictions.


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