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PDF | As seen from the above, shroud mis-alignment with an exposed ladle shroud can be catastrophic in terms of transient steel quality to the. These approaches were used to study the performance of fluid flow for a new design of ladle shroud. The new design for a dissipative ladle. 27 products offers 27 ladle shrouds products. About 92% of these are refractory, 3% are ceramics, and 3% are other auto parts. A wide variety of.

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In many earlier studies, argon-steel flows in ladle shrouds have been mathematically modeled via the discrete phase modelling DPM approach assuming a bubbly liquid flow.

Ladle Shrouds, Gaskets and Gas Inerting

Similarly, in several physicals model investigations, oversimplified shroud—collector plate ladoe geometry, having little or no similarity with the actual, has been considered.

To assess these critically, industrial teeming practices, from ladle to tundish, have been reviewed and experimental larle derived from two, full scale, PERSPEX models of ladle shroud presented. It is shown that bubbly flow in shroud is encountered only at very low gas-liquid loading ratio i.

Simplification of shroud geometry and consideration of direct injection of gas onto a falling liquid are undesirable as these distort results from physical model investigations.

  DIN 4108-7 PDF

Qamar Hashmi and Md. B41 B49 The purpose of the present note consequently is to critically review relevant previous work vis a vis industrial teeming practices and to provide some useful insights of the two phase, gas-liquid flows in ladle shrouds. Towards these, experimental results derived from two, full scale, water model shroud systems viz. Depiction of argon —steel flows in a shroud during laddle of liquid steel from a ladle to a tundish reproduced from ref.

Shroud dimensions and operating parameters viz. These are included in Shroud dimensions and operating conditions during continuous casting of steel. To investigate the characteristics of gas-liquid flows in ladle shrouds, physical modelling has been carried out with full scale Suroud models of bloom and slab casting shroud systems. These replicate geometrical features as well as operating conditions of two different shroud systems e.

Ladle Shrouds, Gaskets and Gas Inerting – Vesuvius

Advanced High Strength Steel, ed. Shrpud summary of experimental observations illustrating the threshold of gas to liquid flow rates at which bubbly liquid flow is found to prevail in ladle shroud. It is important to note here that while Reynolds and Froude similarities were ensured in full scale models, Weber number similarity could not be established srhoud to differences between the interfacial tensions of air-water and argon —steel systems.

This is of concern since gas —liquid flow phenomena in ladle shroud, described above, is likely to depend on surface tension forces.


ladle shrouds

In many sjroud physical and mathematical modelling studies, considerably simplified shroud geometry has been applied. As a final point, VOF volume of fluid and multi-fluid VOF ladlf can realistically predict two-phase flow phenomena in ladle shrouds. VOF based prediction of two-phase flow phenomena in the two ladle shroud systems. Therefore, discrete phase modeling DPM is largely inadequate to realistically simulate two-phase flow phenomena in ladle shrouds across the range of flow rate of interest.

For meaningful outcome, incorporation of exact shroud geometry and gas injection arrangements in physical and mathematical model investigation is essential. Already have an account?

Journal home Advance online publication Journal issue About the journal. August 15, Received: August 17, Accepted: May 02, [Advance Publication] Released: Shroud dimensions and operating conditions during continuous casting of steel. D, mm 65 60 70 70 Tip I.

D, mm 60 53 67 shrojd 90 Collector plate nozzle diameter, mm 45 42 45 42 — 70 — Injector dia. Register Already have an account? Collector plate nozzle diameter, mm.


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