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I love Michael LaFosse’s butterfly designs. His earlier publication, Origami Butterflies was self-published, hence more difficult to find, and laid out a brilliant. Like my fanpage me on Facebook to be the first to know what my next video will be! Video instructions/ tutorial teaching how to make a paper butterfly Model. Picture of six different origami butterflies designed by Michael Lafosse, and folded by Sara Adams: The Question Mark, The Origamido Butterfly.

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On the same day I had a look through the book, and importantly the two accompanying DVDs.

Origami Butterflies

I watched the intro by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander – so great to see this extra personal touch – as well the instructional video on “A Butterfly for Eric Joisel”. Just as expected, the presentation is of extremely high quality.


It struck me that – given that every model is presented both in diagrams and as a full instructional video – this book might also be a great guide to learning how to read diagrams.

Ah, I need to write a review on this book, I’m already taken in by it so much! Anyway, on to the picture I really felt like making some double tissue and folding some of the wonderful butterflies presented in the book. My initial thought was to use Origamido, but then I also discovered this small buttervly of kozo, already precut to squares.

So I figured I’d give the kozo a go, plus it was so much more convenient that it was already square. Here’s the small collection buttegfly butterflies that emerged. I will note that at the size I folded the butterflies the paper was quite thick, perhaps a bit too thick for my liking.

Still, these small beauties captured my heart. The Question Mark 4.


A Butterfly for June Sakamoto 4. A Butterfly for Mr. A Butterfly for Tony Cheng 4. A Butterfly for Guy Kawasaki 4. Skip to main content.

Origamido: Michael LaFosse’s Origami Butterflies

Various Butterflies Michael LaFosse. Diagrams in the book: More bktterfly about text formats. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.

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