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We report a high-performance phosphors-free white light-emitting-diodes w-LEDs using Ba 2 V 2 O 7 or Sr 2 V 2 O 7 quantum dots that directly heteroepitaxially grown on common quartz substrates by polymer assisted deposition PAD. More importantly, electronic local functions, ,ei structure and partial density of states have been firstly calculated to study the luminescent and heteroepitaxial growth mechanisms by the Ab-initio Simulation. Usually, the conventionally structured white light-emitting-diodes w-LEDs rely on a three-ways coupling techniques of GaN-based blue LEDs, yellow-red phosphors and organic materials encapsulation 1234567.

But it often suffers from awkward predicaments, such as the relatively high fabrication cost of conventional yellow and red phosphors and comparatively low robustness due to peripherally organic encapsulating materials. These limitations greatly hampered the further commercially expanding of w-LEDs.

With this regards, metavanadate phosphor films that directly fabricated on organic substrates at room temperature were innovatively reported for lek 8.

However, its low synthesis temperature regretfully led to the poor crystallinity of as-grown metavanadate films, which would largely sacrifice the luminescent properties.

Additionally, the easily aging issue of organic substrates would also shorten the life time of the w-LEDs. More importantly, for the first time, homogeneous nano-single crystal divanadates quantum dots have been successfully grown on common quartz substrates.

Relying on the unique role of polymer bound metals, it truly brings a great breakthrough in 104660 field of heteroepitaxial growth. As schematically presented in Fig. And then unbounded ions are filtered-off, leading to a homogeneous solution. For a 1046 stoichiometry of BVQD or SVQD, inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy was used to determine the final concentration of each solution. As shown in Fig. Subsequently, the second layer 1040 spin-coated Fig.


As demonstrated in Figs. Additionally, the sectional SEM in Fig.

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In contrast, as demonstrated in Supplementary Fig. As the spin-coated layer increases, PL emission intensity gradually increases and finally reaches the stability. The photographs in Figs. The generalized gradient approximation GGA 22 and the electron-ion interaction described by the projector augmented wave PAW scheme 23 A corresponding interfacial section image was presented in Fig.

As demonstrated in Fig. The results indicate that the BVQD holds a direct band gap of approximately 2. And the bottom of conduction band CB is mainly from V 3 d orbitals.

In this regard, a possible mechanism of electron transition in BVQD 14060 was proposed and schematically demonstrated in Fig. The broad band emission for white light may consist of two parts. One part is the direct band gap transition from CB to VB, and that the transition probability of this part is often the most probable 152526 104460 the above experimental main peak value 2.

The other part may be the inter-band transition of V 3 d orbital in CB These inter-band transitions may constitute the other part of broad emission spectra. Thus, the above in-band and inter-band transitions of BVQD may coefficiently produce the broad band emission for white light.

In summary, we successfully demonstrated the high efficiency nano-single crystal Ba 2 V 2 O 7 and Sr 2 V 2 O 7 quantum dots directly heteroepitaxially on common substrates for phosphors-free white light emitting diodes by PAD. Therefore, our demonstration paves the way towards a novel, simple and low cost phosphors-free w-LEDs model for solid state light. To begin with 2. And then, the solution was purified in an Amicon filtration Amicon unit and concentrated to get a precursor solution.

All the luminescent measurements were finished at the atmosphere of room temperature, and the solid state BVQD and SVQD on quartz substrates please see the photograph of Fig. Chen revised the main manuscript. All authors reviewed the manuscript. How to cite this article: A high-performance white-light-emitting-diodes based on nano-single crystal divanadates quantum dots.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Published online May Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Dec 4; Accepted Apr This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

To view a copy of this license, visit http: Abstract We report a high-performance phosphors-free white light-emitting-diodes w-LEDs using Ba 2 V 2 O 7 or Sr 2 V 2 O 7 quantum dots that directly heteroepitaxially grown on common quartz substrates by polymer assisted deposition PAD.

Open in a separate window. Additional Information How to cite this article: Supplementary Material Supporting Information: Click here to view.

Nitride-based semiconductors for blue and green light-emitting devices. Nature, — III-nitride photonic-crystal light-emitting diodes with high extraction efficiency. Stable lri efficient quantum-dot light-emitting diodes based on solution-processed multilayer structures.

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Direct fabrication of metavanadate phosphor films on organic substrates for white-light-emitting devices. Manipulating magnetoresistance near room temperature in La 0.

A chemical solution approach to epitaxial metal nitride thin films. Optical and structural properties of single phase epitaxial p-type transparent oxide thin films.

Dual-luminescence-center single-component white-light Sr 2 V 2 O 7: Synthesis, crystal structure and optical properties of BiMgVO 5. Photoluminescence and structural properties of Ca 3 Y VO 4 3: Growth— Ab initio molecular-dynamics simulation of the liquid-metal-amorphous-semiconductor transition in Germanium.

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B 49— Efficiency of ab-initio total energy calculations for metals and semiconductors using a plane-wave basis set. Generalized Gradient Approximation made simple. Projector augmented-wave methodPhys. B 50— From ultrasoft pseudopotentials to the projector augmented-wave method.

B 59— Band structure and optical transitions in LaFeO 3: Matter 26 Atomic structure, surface bands, and optical responsePhys. B 91 Interband and polaronic excitations ,ei YTiO 3 from first principlesPhys. B 90R Support Center Support Center. Please review our privacy policy.


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