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Grace: An Exposition of God’s Marvelous. Gift by. Lewis Sperry Chafer. Contents. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Chapter 1 – The. Grace has 54 ratings and 6 reviews. Brad said: Easily the best and most thorough treatment of the subject I have ever read. This book may open your eyes. The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus by Lewis S. Chafer covers the God’s Eternal Plan; being Reconciled and Redeemed; Freedom from the Law; being Adopted.

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Below is the Introductory material of the book, however, if you wish to continue reading this fine book [and I truly hope you do! You will have the option to either simply open it or to save it as your own possession. Please tell all of your friends and Church about this website, pray for this ministry – and that will be payment enough!

THROUGH false emphasis by many religious leaders, Christianity has become in the estimation of a large part of the public no more than an ethical system. The revealed fact, however, is that the supreme feature of the Christian faith is that supernatural, saving, transforming work of GOD, which is made possible through the infinite sacrifice of CHRIST and which, in sovereign grace, is freely bestowed on all cafer believe.

GOD has given instruction to those who are saved, it is true, as to the manner of life which is consistent with their new heavenly calling and standing in CHRIST; but in its spiritual blindness, the world, led by its blind leaders, sees in Christianity only the grave of life which is secondary. The blindness of the world at this point, with the consequent neglect of all that is vital in the Christian faith, is both anticipated and explained in the Word of GOD.

The two foundation truths which determine all spiritual perception are that, by divine arrangement:. The precise body of truth which may be understood only through the ministry of the indwelling Spirit is described as, ” things ” related to the Father, ” things ” related to the Son, ” things ” related to the Spirit, ” cahfer ” to come, and ” the kingdom of God. He shall glorify me: All things that the Father hath are mine: But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: Spiritual understanding is not, therefore, dependent upon human sagacity or learning; it depends only on the teaching of the indwelling Spirit.

Chafer’s Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus – Study Resources

Possessing this Biblical testimony, misunderstanding at this point is without excuse. Likewise, the terms upon which men may now be saved and thus receive the Spirit are as clearly defined in the Scripture.

Salvation is by grace through faith. By that trust, CHRIST is personally received as the divine Redeemer who shed His blood as a sufficient ransom for the guilt and penalty of sin, as the One who reconciles by having taken away the sin of the world, and as the divine Propitiation who, as Substitute, met every indictment brought against the sinner under the holy government of GOD.

Since the Spirit is given only to those who are saved through faith in CHRIST, they alone are able to receive the particular body of truth which the Spirit teaches. Neglect of this fundamental, unalterable fact is the key-error of all modernism. It is assumed by the modernist that any person whose education has qualified him to be an authority in matters of human learning, regardless of the new birth and the indwelling Spirit, is also qualified, because of that learning, to speak with authority concerning the things of GOD.

That the leaders of modernism are unregenerate men and therefore themselves spiritually blind is self-revealed by their attitude toward that truth which forms the only basis upon which, according to the Scriptures, a soul may be saved. Rejecting the saving truth of the Gospel, these men could not be saved upon any promise or provision of GOD. Though educated, religious, and sympathetic to the ethical ideals of the Bible, such men, being unregenerate, are of necessity totally blind to all that body of truth which is said to be imparted by the indwelling Spirit.


Preaching and teaching under these limitations, Christianity is represented by them as a system of ethics only. The first step in spiritual understanding is the knowledge of GOD as Father. Not knowing GOD, the unregenerate mind is not satisfied with the explanation of the origin of things which declares that GOD directly created things as they are.

To such a mind, it is actually easier to believe in a supposed natural development from nothing to something, and to hide all attending problems resulting from this theory behind the mists of a measureless past. If GOD is not real, there could be no inerrant Book; the Bible must be fallible as man; nor could GOD be manifest in the flesh; the Son of GOD must be of illegitimate birth, and though the greatest of all teachers, to them, He is really no more divine than ordinary mortals.

They therefore contend that He died as an heroic martyr, a loyal patriot, as a wonderful moral example of fortitude, or to show the wickedness of sin.

The Riches of Grace in Christ Jesus by Lewis S. Chafer

They utterly reject the only reason given in the Word of GOD for the death of Christ – He died that chafwr might not die. They brand this saving truth as “immoral,” and “unworthy of the goodness of GOD. To these religious leaders, their is no supernatural; for GOD is not chager. There could be no immediate salvation through the Spirit.

The salvation in which they believe is assumed to be the result of a self-created character, and the life to be lived is represented only as an heroic struggle of the flesh. If unregenerate men could understand anything better than this, the Word of GOD would be proven untrue.

Coming thus into the light, they testify, as all who have ever been saved have testified: They, like all the unsaved, could chwfer aware of their blindness if they would receive the testimony of GOD concerning their own limitations; but this is precisely what they will not do.

Therefore, a notable neglect of the most vital truths of Scripture and the denial eperry the essential glories of divine grace is to be expected from these religious leaders who reject the only grounds of salvation chfer the substitutionary death of CHRIST. Modernists content themselves with borrowing some ideals from the Bible while reserving the right to reject whatever is not desired.

Those portions which are acceptable to the unregenerate mind are received and taught as being authoritative on the basis of the fact that these ideals are in the Bible.

Here, indeed, is chzfer inconsistency on the part of men who pride themselves on their scientific reasonings. The unsaved preacher or teacher, being able to comprehend only the ethical teachings of the Scriptures, is a living proof of the truthfulness of the divine Testimony. He cannot see the kingdom of GOD. He blindly ignores grade dispensational division of the Word of GOD and is, therefore, free within himself to draw material from the kingdom teachings of CHRIST and from the law of Moses while constructing his world improvement, sociological theories which he imposes on a Christ-rejecting world.

Men of this character are sufficiently numerous spefry this day of apostasy to be responsible for the present day impression that the sole objective of Christianity spedry the improvement of human conduct. Being blind to the real principles and purposes of saving grace, they teach that it makes little difference what is believed, it is the life that counts.

Against this is the overwhelming testimony of the Word of GOD that every aspect of salvation and every blessing of divine grace in time and eternity is conditioned only on what is believed. Influenced by these misunderstandings concerning the Truth, few serious-minded young men will choose to enter the ministerial profession; for it would mean the assumption of the role of a mere moralist.

Common modesty generally precludes such an assumption. On the other hand, when the essential message of Christianity is seen to be the measureless, transforming grace of GOD with all of its eternal glories in the new creation in CHRIST, it is a challenge to the deepest impulses of the heart, and offers a ministry for which one may well sacrifice all.


This ministry does not consist in either the education or the moral improvement of lost men while they are on their way to hell; it is the proclamation of the mighty, redeeming, transforming grace of GOD which offers eternal life and eternal glory to all who will believe.

If it shall please GOD to use this exposition in any measure to the unfolding of the riches of His grace, the labor expended in its preparation will not have been in vain. The kind reception accorded to the first edition of this book is cause for thanksgiving to GOD.

Appreciation has been general and far exceeding the merit. If there has been any blessing gained from the reading of these pages, praise should be given to Him to whom it alone belongs.

As in the days of the Apostle Paul, the great issues of pure grace are sure to call out sincere chaer from those who, perchance, chafsr a legalistic training do not comprehend its infinite glories. Such has been the kindly criticism of a very few out of the many.

After reviewing the book more carefully, could I recast it at all, I should perhaps give still greater emphasis to the exposition of the second of the two fundamental facts concerning the life under grace.

The first being that, under grace, a separate, complete, and wholly independent rule of life is purposed for the child of GOD. Of that enough has been written. The second truth which might profitably be more fully developed is that of the new manner of life which is first wrought as a purpose in the heart by the Spirit and is then lived out in the power of the same Spirit, accompanied by that heavenly joy which always attends the realization of heavenly desires.

Everything in the walk under grace contemplates an overflowing, Spirit-filled life, and there is provision for any other. The carnal Christian is not urged to try to live a spiritual life; he is rather besought to yield himself to GOD, apart from which there can be no Spirit-filling with its realization of power.

The divine provision and plan for a life under grace is a perfect system in itself and rightfully cannot be combined or even compared with any other.

Grace by Lewis Sperry Chafer

Is this grace-system a success? Is it really practical? Does the impelling love of a gracs heart provide a better care for her child than would be provided by a heartless obedience to a statute of the Lewi requiring such care? The true answer is obvious. If it is practical and if it be true that the power of inwrought grace is the one and only divine program for the life of the children of GOD in this age, how important is this body of truth!


Under this relationship all human responsibility spedry in that adjustment of heart by which alone the divine power may be realized. If this great theme is new its careful and prayerful study with an open mind may lead to the discovery of the only way by which the divine glory may be realized through a human life.

Spfrry report a broken link or for other assistance please email us at: The two foundation truths which determine all spiritual perception are that, by divine arrangement: Lewis Sperry Chafer June, The successive steps in this system are: May the blessing of GOD rest increasingly upon this testimony to His infinite grace. Copyright by Baptist Bible Believers Website.


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