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We provide free online pdf manuals for digital and film cameras: Panasonic Lumix DC: FT FZ G GH GX LX TS TZ ZS, DMC: 3D CM F FH FP FS FT FX FZ. DMC-FZ – Operating Instructions ยท DMC-FZ – Advanced Operating Instructions. The Panasonic DMC-FZ and other products you use every day were certainly offered in the manual set. We know from our users’ experience that most of. Digital Camera Panasonic DMC-FZ Operating Instructions Manual. (40 pages ). Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ Operating Instructions Manual.

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Before use, please read these instructions completely. For USA assistance, please call: Recording of pre-recorded tapes or We would like to take this opportunity to discs or other published or thank you for purchasing this Panasonic broadcast material for purposes Digital Camera.

Please read these other than your own bediebungsanleitung use may Operating Instructions carefully and infringe copyright laws.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ user manual – – Solve your problem

One Panasonic reasonable protection against Way, Secaucus, NJ harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment Support Contact: Panasonic generates, uses, and can radiate Consumer radio frequency energy and, if not Electronics installed and used in accordance Company Preparation Preparation Standard Accessories Before using your camera, check the contents.

P18 Charge the battery. P45 1 Turn the camera on. Preparation Charging the Battery Charge the battery before using. Connect the AC cable. Recharge or replace the battery. Use only the bedienungzanleitung OPEN card. Attach the lens cap. The hour system is used. Preparation Setup Menu Turn the camera on. Select the desired item. The folder number is updated, and the file number starts from Preparation The Mode Dial Select the desired mode turning the mode dial.

Program AE mode P Sports mode P59 The aperture value and the shutter This allows you to record still action speed are automatically adjusted. Panning mode P60 This allows you to record a subject in Focus on the subject to take the 2 Select Program AE bediennungsanleitung [ picture.

To take pictures without blurring: This is called Program shift. Enlarge and shift the picture. Recording pictures basic Using the Optical Zoom You can make people and subjects appear closer with the 12 times optical zoom, and landscapes can be recorded in wide angle. Recording pictures basic Compensating the Exposure Use this function when you cannot achieve appropriate exposure due to the difference of brightness between the subject and lumiix background.

Recording pictures basic Taking Pictures using Auto Bracket In this mode, 3 pictures are automatically recorded bedienyngsanleitung each press of the shutter button according to the compensation range of the exposure. You can select the desired exposure among the 3 types of pictures. P30 Switch the self-timer setting.


Focus on the subject to take the picture. Self-timer set bfdienungsanleitung 10 seconds when the self-timer is set, the self-timer setting is canceled. P30 Switch bedienngsanleitung multi screen. When the confirmation screen bedkenungsanleitung, press 2 to select [YES], and press 4. Please double-check before deleting pictures. Recording pictures advanced Taking Pictures with Aperture-priority AE When you want the background bedienungsnaleitung be in sharp focus, set the aperture value to a higher number.

The higher the aperture value, the smaller the aperture opening will be. For a soft focus background, set the aperture number to a lower number which corresponds to a larger aperture opening. Recording pictures advanced Taking Pictures with Shutter-priority AE When you want to take a sharp picture of a fast moving subject, set to faster shutter speed. When you want to create a trail effect, set to slower shutter speed.

Recording pictures advanced Taking Pictures with Manual Exposure Decide the exposure by setting the aperture value and the shutter speed manually. Press the shutter button halfway. Set to faster shutter speed or larger aperture value. Set to slower shutter speed or smaller aperture value. We recommend taking pictures and then checking them using the review function. Recording pictures advanced Taking Pictures using Macro Mode This mode allows you to take pictures bexienungsanleitung focusing on the subject.

When taking pictures of flowers. You can take pictures with the lens at fzz100 distance of 0. Recording pictures advanced Taking Pictures using Portrait Mode This mode allows you to make the subject stand out from the unfocused background and adjust the exposure and the hue. Recording pictures advanced Taking Pictures using Sports Mode This mode allows you to take pictures of a fast moving subject. When taking pictures of outdoor sports. This special effect allows the subject to be in sharp focus while the background will show some motion blur.

As a result, jitter can easily occur.

By using the flash and a slow shutter speed, the picture will show the subject and the background brighter than they appear in real life. Recording pictures advanced Recording Motion Images You can record motion images with audio.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ10 Operating Instructions Manual

Recording pictures advanced Bedidnungsanleitung Pictures with Manual Focus Use this function when you want to fix the focus. This is a technique to focus on the point to take pictures in advance when it is difficult to focus on the subject with auto focus due to its quick motion. Panning mode [ ] P60 This function is suitable when the Recording pictures advanced Setting the White Balance In certain situations, the color white may appear slightly reddish or bluish.

This can occur when shooting under early or late day sunlight, on a cloudy day, or under halogen lighting. By using the manual White Balance feature you can achieve a more accurate reproduction of the color white.

Recording pictures advanced Use of auto white balance adjustment in inappropriate lighting conditions may result in reddish or bluish pictures. Where the subject is besienungsanleitung by many light sources, auto white balance adjustment may not operate properly. In this case, set the white balance to the mode except [AUTO] manually. Recording pictures advanced Finely Adjusting the White Balance If you cannot acquire the desirable hue with white balance because of too many different light sources, etc.


Lower compression results in superior picture quality. Higher compression allows you to store more images on your SD Memory card. Recording pictures advanced Taking Pictures using Spot Mode When using Spot mode, the size of the area used to calculate the focus and exposure is decreased.

It is useful when you may be shooting through a group of people and want to designate where in the group the camera will calculate the exposure.

The ISO setting can be increased when you need to take pictures in places where a flash may not be allowed. The overall picture quality will decrease slightly as the ISO setting is increased.

Recording pictures advanced Using the Continuous AF This function allows you to reduce the time bedienungsanleutung for focusing when pressing the shutter button halfway. Recording pictures advanced Using the Color Effect You can use 3 types of color effects depending on the image of the picture.

Decreases the difference PICT. Bedienungsanleifung pictures advanced Creating Flip Animation You can create motion image files by arranging pictures taken frame-by-frame. Using such external flashes may cause a malfunction or the camera may not operate normally.

This is a convenient function to play back pictures on TV. DPOF also allows the user to set how many copies of each picture will be printed. Many commercial photo printing services now use DPOF.

For more information please visit: Select the pictures and set the number of prints. Select [YES] to cancel all settings. Select [YES] to index setting. Select the following items. Playback advanced Resizing the Pictures Bediennugsanleitung function is useful if you want to reduce the file size of the picture, in those cases when it needs to be attached to an E-mail or uploaded it to a web site.

P30 Select the picture to trim. When the camera is shipped, [Mass Storage] is besienungsanleitung. P capture or iPhoto. Read the printer operating instructions. Select [YES] and print.

Others Bedienunysanleitung Use After using the camera, it is recommended that you complete the following steps: Turn the camera off and close the Remove the lens hood only when flash.

Remove the card and the battery. DPOF setting for printing Green: Cancel the card lock. Others Troubleshooting The camera is not turned on. The screen is too bright or dark.


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