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In this paper, we present a new simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis macromodel of the recently physically implemented memristor. SPICE models of a popular voltage-controlled memristive system specified by .. 29, p. [8] RAK, A., CSEREY, G. Macromodeling of the memristor in SPICE. A New Simplified Spice Modelling of Memristor simple Spice model of the memristor device, that can be used in .. Rak, A., Cserey, G., “Macromodeling of the.

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Macromodeling of the Memristor in SPICE

View in Source Cite this paper. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

This paper presents two simple SPICE circuit models of the memristor using two different kinds thd integrators. These models expand and simplify the previous methods of solving the memristor’s modeling equations presented by Hewlett—Packard Lab. The behaviors of the two memristor models are investigated when they are excited by a sinusoidal voltage source.



Both models satisfy the general features of memristive systems such as having a zero-crossing property in the form of an i—v Lissajous figure. In order to explore the unique characteristics and applications of the memristor in microwave devices, first we incorporate the memristor in a microstrip transmission line as a load.

We do the analysis using a finite-difference time-domain simulator integrated with a nonlinear SPICE circuit solver.

Furthermore, we design a reconfigurable microstrip bandpass filter based on a memristor-loaded resonator, and utilize a memristor as a carrier-wave modulator connecting the microstrip patch antenna to the ground. Xinman Chen 1 Estimated H-index: Who Wins the Nonvolatile Memory Race.

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Macromodeling of the Memristor in SPICE. | BibSonomy

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Compact sext-band bandpass filter based on single multimode resonator with high band-to-band isolations electronics letters [IF: The missing memristor found nature [IF: Strukov Hewlett-Packard macrompdeling, Gregory S. Memristor-The missing circuit element ieee transactions on circuit theory.

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