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Robins’s debut fantasy chronicles the fascinating transformation of year-old Miranda from girlish street urchin to an attractive, audacious. Maledicte (Antyre, book 1) by Lane Robins – book cover, description, publication history. There’s not much I can say about Lane Robins, author of “Maledicte”. As far as I can tell, she doesn’t have a website or blog yet, and about all.

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There wasn’t a time period necessarily tacked into the story, but to me, it was most likely Renaissance Venice meets steampunk elements.

Sure, it’s no Kushiel lne or ” The Count of Monte Cristo “, but for a debut, ” Maledicte ” is respectable and showcases potential, especially in the case of the talented, up-and-coming author Ms. View all 3 comments.

Set in a fantasy world, it has all the opulent touches of a renaissance court. Likewise, considering how much influence Vornatti had, going from rebellious Relict rat to accommodating sex slave literally I liked it a lot more than I expected after reading reviews about it being very dark.


From a dazzling new voice in fantasy comes a mesmerizing tale of treachery, passion, intrigue, betrayal, and an act of pure vengeance that threatens to bring down a kingdom.

The premise is kept simple and straight-forward, allowing the themes to come through more strongly. Discover what to read next. Jun 19, Marilag rated it it was amazing Shelves: So really, your teen bestie being kidnapped by his aristocratic father to be made into his heir really is the best case scenario that could happen to the pair of you, given that he will suddenly inherit a fortune instead of a stab in the back from crime gone wrong.


Small compensation is that Gilly, the third main character, is finely wrought, likeable and good natured and that all side characters are not bad at all. Something about the combination of sounds harmonizes perfectly with the atmosphere the author is aiming for.

MALEDICTE by Lane Robins | Kirkus Reviews

In particular, a fantasy book where I could fall in love with the characters. It’s definitely dark and decadent. Return to Book Page. Dec 04, Tama Wise rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I heard some good things about it, and from the blurb the world reminded me of Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series which I loved. But Maledicte is mostly very well written, and for that reason I think Lane Robins has a promising future as a writer.

People who like revenge fantasies. Really, s he was just an sulking angsty girl trying to be bad, and she didn’t seem so bad to me at first. Dec 04, Kassilem rated it it was amazing Shelves: I want to say it’s the writing, but it’s that’s not entirely it – because a third of the way through I thought it was the most stilted, awkward way of explaining debauchery I’d ever had the misfortune to read.

I never saw Janus as “the lover whose passion still haunts her dreams” since I never saw any dreams or passion until they were reunited.

This is why I have booked robinx you, I find I will be able to check out maeldicte sight and get a true insight on author and book, and ready away, Thank You. I loved Swordspoint, so that was a factor in picking this up. There was a gender-bender theme along with a love triangle. With so much focus on the characters, what about the rest of the book? I do it now without thought. Llane is not a perfect novel by any means particularly if you prefer your heroes a bit less bloody minded but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


Nov 02, Shannon Giraffe Days rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can’t say she’s one of my favorite characters, as you barely learn anything about her. Robins who I maledictd will have a lot more to say in future releases…. I think it was supposed to be witty mouthing-off, but I found it rather obnoxious. As her machinations strike at the heart of Antyre’s powerful noble houses, Miranda must battle not only her own growing bloodlust, but also her lover’s newly kindled and ruthless ambitions.

The characters were fully realized in a way most authors don’t manage to pull off. Dark, seductive, surprising I find myself conflicted about Maledicte. This complex protagonist becomes both a pawn and a power in a darkly original world of doubted gods and declining civilization. Good and evil, love and lies and a very strong female who appears as a man.

As a debut, Maledicte is more than successful:


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